Team: Carbon – Karma, Shockwav3, Strongside

Favorite Teammates: Shockwav3, Karma, Strongside, MCGAVIN

Primary Rivals: Fonzi, Foulacy, Tsquared

Key Moment(s): It was the finals of St. Louis. The gametype was oddball Lockout. I was going up to top BR and I sworded Saiyan, then I flew up, “pinballed” off the wall, and sworded Walshy in library.

Likes: Lacrosse, partying, N64.

Dislikes: Cross country runners, fake people, lucky kids.

Quote: “Get that s%*# outta here.”

Origin of Handle: I did a report on him in 6th grade and when I was done my teacher said, “Okay Gandhi you can go sit down,” so it just kind of stuck with me.


  • Made his big splash this season as an integral part of IGS (iGameSpot), one of the very first teams to earn full-sponsorship. Has attended and placed very highly at almost every MLG event this season.
  • Won first place at MLG Seattle and MLG Nashville for Halo 2 4v4.
  • Very aggressive, fast paced player. Keeps high pressure on opponents.
  • Perhaps one of the funniest trash talkers in MLG, being classified as loud would be an understatement for Gandhi. However, unlike many trash talkers out there, Gandhi can actually back up what he says.
  • At 16, Gandhi is one of the youngest pros on the circuit.
  • Has shown great improvement over the season, suggesting that as he gets older he will become more and more prominent.
  • Has a brash, self-assured personality and loves to spark controversy, which makes him a colorful and polarizing character.