Competitor passes for the StarCraft 2 Event at the MLG Providence National Championships are entirely sold out, and oh, what a lineup we've got for you. You know who's in the Championship Bracket; it's our Top 16, and we've been previewing that Bracket all week. (See Part 1 and Part 2, and expect Part 3 tomorrow.) But now it's time to take a look at the full lineup.

The Open Bracket has been growing in depth and talent all Season. Columbus was a killer. Anaheim was a gauntlet. Orlando was flat-out brutal. What on earth can we say about the Providence Open Bracket? The best players in the world are coming. You can't turn a corner in this bracket, figuratively speaking, without smacking up against an all-star. We'd like to say we can tell how it's going to play out, but we honestly have no idea. How do you predict a winner when every third player is a favorite? 
For the competitors, this is going to be the ultimate test of their abilities. For us as viewers, it's just going to be one hell of a ride. Some names on this list…. well, they might jump out at you. Rest assured we'll be putting the spotlight directly on some of these players in the days leading up to Providence. Here is the entire lineup for MLG Providence, listed by rank. Please try not to drool too much when you look at this; you'll short out your keyboard.
(Please note: this list is subject to change, and the order of some unranked players may change at random.)


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