This past year I had a front row seat in cities around the country to
watch the best gamers on the planet battle it out against each other.
I’ll be honest, I had a few meetings with big television and advertising
executives early on who berated me for trying to tell them people would
want to watch some guys play video games.

I almost started to believe it myself, but then I’d watch Strangepurple
3-shot somebody across Hang ‘Em so fast that I could barely see it
I’d see Zyos completely manipulate his competition and dominate a map. I
would see Mick and RTD destroy all the competition across the country,
one after another. And of course, I would watch Xena walk into a room
full of hundreds of guys 5 to 15 years older than her and wipe the floor
with most of them.

Well, guess what– in less than a year even the television guys have
changed their minds. MTV actually flew out a producer from LA just to
film our National Championship matches. You can see them on SpikeTV this
weekend too. It’s been on the local news in over 40 cities across the
country. Oh, and did I mention 60 Minutes II was at the championship
interviewing everyone.

So what’s next? We’ve developed a TV show. We’re blowing out the
website and VOD. We even have
a service that will send stats, rankings and free stuff to your cell
phones. And that’s just the first few months of the year.

Dudes, it’s going to be sick.

Welcome to the new and improved MLG everybody.


Mike Sepso
Major League Gaming

Two years ago when Mike and I got this thing rolling we had no idea
what to expect. In the beginning we were met with challenges that we
never could have imagined, but because we were dedicated to success
(and smart enough to hire amazing people) we made it through our
inaugural season. So now, a little over 12 months and $175,000 in prize
money later, season 2 is just around the corner. There’s no doubt that the
2004 MLG season was a huge step for Pro Gaming, but our plans for the
’05 season are something equally revolutionary. This season we’re
upping the stakes to $250,000 in guaranteed prize money. That’s a
quarter of a million dollars in cash. It’s all cash and it’s all
guaranteed from day 1.

If you’re reading this it means you’ve seen the new website. Once
again, we’re taking it up a notch. The new site will be chock full of
Pro Gaming content written by guys who play the games you play. You
should also keep your eyes out for an expanded and improved VOD system
with more than match play footage. As we get a little closer to the
kickoff event we’ll release more information on some of our other plans
for 2005.

See you in January
(I’ll be the one in the purple velour suit)

-Sundance DiGiovanni
EVP, Major League Gaming

What do the following things have in common?

The WB
The New York Times
The Daily News
Game Informer

Give up? These are just some of the places that you might have caught
coverage of MLG and our Pro Gamers during the 2004 season. Any idea why
those folks thought it would be a good idea to run stories about MLG?
Because we’re huge. We’re the Fastest growing Sport on the Planet and
we’re getting bigger by the day. We’ve got one goal in mind and nothing
is going to stop us.

One last question – guess who’s going to be on TV more than the NHL
this year? That’s right, MLG.

When it comes to Pro Gaming we’re the only game in town.

We’re working everyday to make MLG the one and only place to go for
Professional gaming, end of story.

You know you like the taste.

Erik Semmelhack
aka Ted Steel

SVP, Major League Gaming