Nice Like Rice player, Foulacy, returned to MLG Dallas this morning to play in the Halo 2 Championship Bracket despite a trip to the hospital last night. Foulacy felt ill for a large portion of yesterday’s matches. During a Winners Bracket Round 3 match against FBI The Agency, Foulacy groaned his way through Game 1, obviously feeling out of sorts. Amazingly, Nice Like Rice won the first game. During Game 2 Foulacy slumped in his chair, barely conscious. In the middle of the game, he left the station to go to the bathroom. When concerned parties checked on Foualcy in the bathroom, they found him blacked out. Tournament officials summoned an ambulance and Foulacy spent the evening at a local hospital.

Foulacy stunningly returned this morning after a scare yesterday

Unbelievably, the Nice Like Rice player is back for today’s action. Doctors initially suspected his appendix burst, but tests proved that theory incorrect. The exact cause of his ailment eluded physicians, who allowed him to play today as long as he monitored his health.

Nice Like Rice play PainX in Losers Bracket Round 4, since Nice Like Rice were forced to forfeit against The Agency. Hopefully, Foulacy remains well for the rest of the tourney and beyond. To follow his impressive rebound from poor health, continue to watch and Video on Demand as the MLG Dallas Halo 2 competition ramps up.