1. Final Boss – I think if they continue scrimmaging with FBI the Agency before each event they will be unstoppable. They didn’t lose last season because they were out-skilled; it was because of their lack of dedication. Saiyan was the main reason for this and I think Strongside was the perfect addition to an already almost-perfect team.

2. Carbon – The second best team in the world. They haven’t placed out of the top2 in a very long time and, until someone beats them, there is no reason to predict them out of the Top 2. I think playing with Legendz and RoC will give this team the practice they need in order to stay ahead of the teams such as FBI the Agency and Perfect Storm.

3. Perfect Storm – This spot could either go to FBI the Agency or Perfect Storm. I think whichever team is playing better will get the third spot. The main reason I’m putting Perfect Storm ahead of FBI the Agency is because PS has a lot more chemistry together. Although it looks as though Mackeo, Victory, Elamite, and Halogod have been playing together for years, they’ve only been to two tournaments as a team. Legit, Naded, and Ramby know what it takes to win and Xtremist has lived up to his expectations and proved himself at the Meadowlands to be able to compete with the top teams in the world.

4. FBI the Agency – Towards the end of the season I can see them beating the teams above them, however, they need to be able to deal with their losses in a positive way. Instead of looking at losing as a terrible thing, they need to work on improving. After losing in the Winners Bracket to Perfect Storm they seemed to lose their fire. This happens to many teams, but I feel like everyone on FBI has the ability to overcome things like that and only time will tell if they’re able to overcome their losses and move into the Top 3 or Top 2.

5. Str8 Rippin – They have put in a lot of practice and I feel as though they can upset a lot of teams and have potential to move into the Top 4 as the season moves on. The only issue I can see holding this team back would be chemistry. If they can put aside the fact that all four of them have never gone to a tournament as a full team, I think they’ll be fine. Hopefully they will stick together after Dallas so we can see how they would do later on in the season as they become more used to each other’s playing styles.

6. 5K – This team is very hard for me to predict without looking at the brackets. They are defiantly a Top 6 team this season and I feel as though they are capable of beating some of the teams that I put above them. They came out of nowhere and took fourth at the opener. Many people put it as a fluke, but they proved those people wrong at the Meadowlands, placing fifth. Putting them at 5/6 is a safe bet for me, but I would like to see them place higher. I guess we shall find out in Dallas.

7. Icon – Many people are predicting Icon to break into the Top 4 or Top 6 this tournament, however, those people are basing it off of how bad Shook was and how good Butt3rz is. Don’t get me wrong, Butt3rz is one of the best players I’ve seen play, I just think that a lot of people are forgetting how much Shook actually did for Icon. He ran objective and won them games. He might not be the most talented player on that team, but he was the backbone and did a very good job at objective. He did so much stuff and in my opinion was never recognized for it. I think this team won’t fall out of the Top 8, but I think Timeliest Brute will have to focus a little more on objective and not so much on abusing host in order to make something more than Top 8 happen for this team.

8. Legendz – Once again, I have no idea who they play for Top 8. If you look at how much they practiced for the Meadowlands, I’m surprised they didn’t pull a Vanity and get Top 32. For this tournament they have shown a new level of commitment and I feel they have a very good shot at Top 8 or higher. If you look at how they played last season when they actually practiced and took the game seriously, hopefully you can get an idea of what they are capable of. Individually they are all great players and now, halfway through the season, hopefully they can begin to use some teamwork and break into the Top 8.

Teams to look out for – Perfect Balance, Antigravity, and Xit Woundz. These three teams are all very talented and I can see all three of them getting Top 12 or Top 8 as the season moves on. When Perfect Balance is on fire, they play very well. Antigravity is filled with many young, talented, players. They have yet to prove themselves as a team this season, however; they have been doing very well online and I feel Smoltz’ insane slaying abilities will push them into the Top 12. Xit Woundz I would love to put in Top 8, I just think that they need a little more time with Omega in order to make that possible. If they get Top 8 I wouldn’t be surprised, and if they don’t in Dallas I can definitely see it happening in Chicago. Lastly, good luck to all of the AM teams. Hopefully some of you guys will shake up the brackets and make Dallas an even more exciting event.