Legendz announced today they have filled the empty spot on their roster with Legit, formerly of Storm Ventures. The announcement comes just a week after StrongSide left the team to join Final Boss. That move left the fourth-ranked Legendz with the difficult task of replacing a player considered to be one of the top talents in Halo 2. They moved quickly last week to secure Legit for 2007.

“Legit has an aggressive play style that suits our team,” explained Legendz member Vash. “He has a lot of dedication. He’s an excellent slayer and one of the best 4v4 players on the tour.” Amidst rumors that Storm Ventures might disband, Legit has been considered one of the most sought-after players in the off-season. He performed consistently enough to finish 2006 as the third-ranked FFA pro on the MLG circuit and as part of the solid performance of sixth-ranked Storm Ventures.

“It was a really hard decision to make,” Legit said about leaving Storm Ventures. “Up until Legendz asked me I wasn’t shopping around for a new team. Once they asked me I had to make a tough decision.”

While Storm Ventures finished the season in sixth place, they struggled to find consistency during the 2006 season. They fell as low as a 16th place finish in Anaheim and reached as high as second, challenging Final Boss in a ten-game Finals series in Chicago. Inconsistency factored heavily into Legit’s decision. He explained, “Leaving Storm Ventures had nothing to do with the players on the team. I just feel like I have a better chance to perform well with Legendz. I was worried about consistency, which is something we didn’t have on SV.”

While Storm Ventures struggled with consistency, Legendz admittedly struggled with some chemistry problems during their late season run. They improved each tournament, but had difficulties in objective gametypes where Vash was often forced to abandon support slaying to run the objective for his team. Mack believes that those problems should be resolved now that Legit has been added to the roster. He explained, “Legit is a versatile player, easily filling any role we need him for. He’s a great slayer but he can fill any job on the team. That will clearly help us improve.”

“We are a very aggressive team that likes to charge a lot,” said Defy, addressing concerns of team chemistry issues. “Mike (StrongSide) wasn’t aggressive enough for us so obviously we weren’t able to do so as much with him on the team. With Legit we should now we able to make charges that are faster and more effective.”

The new team expects to focus on Vash running objectives, Mack playing the main slayer, with Defy and Legit rotating between supporting roles and assisting Mack with the slaying responsibilities. With all the roles filled, the team hopes they can finally reach their goal of cracking into the top three spots on the tour.

“We’ve been making strides towards top three over the past few tournaments,” said Mack. “I feel like with the addition of Legit we are definitely on the brink of breaking through.” In fact the entire team mirrored Mack’s confidence in their chances of improving against the top three teams on the tour. Vash stated, “I think Str8 Rippin is clearly our main competitor for top three. I think adding Legit will be enough for us to do it.”

“We’ve always had trouble with Str8,” Defy said, sharing his hopes for Legendz to finish in the top three at the 2007 season opener. “Legit has always had a mean streak against them. So hopefully he’ll help us improve against them.” While Vash and Defy seemed content to focus on defeating Str8 Rippin, Mack had a more aggressive goal in mind, saying “I don’t think we need to focus on any one team. By the season opener, I think we’ll be prepared to beat anyone.”

The 2007 season is still months away but the top teams appear to be not only training during the off-season, but working to secure the best lineups possible. With Final Boss picking up StrongSide, Legendz were forced to make a move. These moves leave important free agents like Saiyan still available and other top teams such as Storm Ventures shopping for the best possible fit for their roster. Look to mlgpro.com to keep you informed as the rest of the Pro Circuit dominoes fall into place heading toward the 2007 season.

Editor’s Note: When this article was published it referred to Vash as the captain of Legendz. This was inaccurate, as Mack is actually the team captain. MLG regrets the error.

Following the loss of StrongSide, Legendz quickly filled their roster with the talented and in-demand Legit. The team hopes that this will be just the move they’ve been needing to break into the top three at the 2007 season opener.