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Following their 2nd Place finish to Final Boss in the 2010 National Championship, Status Quo set their sights on the newest addition to the Halo series, Halo: Reach. After a long off-season, Status Quo emerged victorious in the first Reach Event, earning all four members their first tournament win. They sat down with us to recap the Event, give their thoughts on the competition, and their expectations for the future—they even brought their coach, Diesel, along for the ride.

MLG: Thanks for joining us, guys; congratulations on your first Event win!

Flamesword: Thanks a lot! It's about time we got one [laughs].

Ace: Thank you very much, glad to finally get that first win.

Diesel: Thanks! It really feels great being a part of the team and helping my friends win their first Event [laughs].

MLG: How does it feel to finally get the monkey off your backs and earn a tournament victory?

Assault: It's great to win and I couldn't be happier. Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing.

Ace: It feels great. We put in so much painstakingly hard work online, and it finally paid off.

Flamesword: Finally getting a tournament win is awesome and with the same group of guys that we had [before] makes it feel even better. Also, it feels good to get it off our backs. I was scared that we would be cursed to get 2nd Place.

Enable: It feels amazing to finally get our first tournament victory. It feels even better to get it with these guys.

MLG: Do you think there was anything in particular that pushed you over the hump this time around?

Flamesword: Getting 2nd at Nationals definitely made me want to win even more and practice more than ever. And I guess having the best coach in the game helped [laughs].

Diesel: LFG!

Ace: [Laughs] Definitely not our coach; he misses Camo times that cost us games. I think because we’ve seen what the Finals are like, we became more comfortable [playing] in them.

Diesel: One missed Camo the whole Event isn't that bad [laughs].

Enable: Our confidence; after placing 2nd at last year's Nationals, I knew we could get 1st. Also being casual gamers and just going with the flow [laughs].

Flamesword: [Laughs]

Ace: Yeah, gaming casually really pushed us over the edge.

Assault: A lot of people said that the only reason [we] got 2nd was because of coach Tsquared. This made me want to prove everyone wrong once again in my Halo career.

MLG: Were you surprised to see Impact in the Finals?

Enable: Impact really surprised me. I thought we were going to play Believe the Hype in the Finals, but Impact played great the whole weekend and deserved to be there.

Ace: I wasn't that surprised to see Impact in the Finals, because after playing/watching them at the LAN, I knew they had potential. They were just never "trying" as hard as they could.

Assault: I definitely was surprised to see Impact in the Finals. Watching them play at the TLN LAN made me assume that they weren't mentally and physically ready to compete with us.

Flamesword: I was a little shocked. {After the LAN] I wasn't sure how good they would play, but I guess they went over what they needed to before the Event and showed everyone that they are a top team.

MLG: Were there any other finishes that surprised you?

Ace: Darkest Hour getting Top 16. I thought they were gonna be in the Top 8 somewhere.

Enable: I was surprised at how well Soul placed; coming out of the Open Bracket and placing 5th is a great accomplishment. They surprised a lot of people and beat some great teams.

Flamesword: Darkest Hour's Top 16 placing—they played well against us at the LAN and I expected them to be Top 8 at the least. Shout out to Swagger Like Us for coming out of the Open Bracket to place Top 8 as well.

Assault: A lot of the top-seeded teams came into this Event thinking it was going to be a walk in the park. It's a new game, there are going to be new pros.

Enable: [Laughs]

MLG: With the win in Dallas comes the #1 seed and tons of pressure. What steps will be taken to ensure Status Quo repeat in Columbus?

Enable: Two words: game casually.

Flamesword: [Laughs]

Diesel: Game casually.

Ace: A LAN sometime before the Event and a decent amount of quality Xbox Live practice.

Enable: Also, we need to avoid thinking about the other teams—we just have to focus on our game. If we play to our full potential we won't lose an Event this year.

Assault: The same steps as always will be taken. Practice online and get predicted [to do] terribly, then show up at LANs and tournaments and always win them. Same old song.

Enable: [Laughs]

MLG: So no LANs scheduled as of yet; any chance your new sponsor, Red Bull, will set one up soon?

Ace: We'll just have to see.

Enable: What Ace said.

Flamesword: Hopefully we get a LAN at The LAN Network once they come out with their schedule.

MLG: Speaking of the #1 seed, how does it feel to have been the underdogs for so long and to now be the favorites?

Flamesword: Feels great! Knowing that our hard work and effort finally paid off. Hopefully it makes us work harder to maintain that #1 spot as well.

Ace: It feels great; I would never have imagined before the Orlando '10 Opener that this same squad would end up having the #1 seed.

Assault: It's a relief. We overcame adversity numerous times throughout 2010 and to be #1 to start off the 2011 Season is an unbelievable feeling.

Enable: Feels great, but now everyone wants to beat us so we have to play more [frowns].

MLG: To start off Pool Play, you guys were swept by Invictus, which sent your fans into a state of panic. Were you rattled at all?

Enable: Not at all. Everyone gets lucky at one point in the tournament. Unfortunately, we were on the opposite side that time [laughs].

Flamesword: [Laughs]

Ace: I was, considering I knew how much had to happen for us to win the pool. However, I knew that was one of the worst performances we had ever put on display at a tournament, so things could only get better.

Flamesword: Have to give Invictus credit though, they were a great team. I just wish we had had more time to warm up. I think we played two games going into that series from the Wednesday before the Event.

Enable: Don't get me wrong, Invictus was a good team, we just weren't prepared. That's the good thing about Pool Play, even if you lose a series, you're still in it.

Ace: Pro tip: don't go into a series without warming up.

Diesel: What’s a great story without an epic comeback?

MLG: Status Quo did quite well in the 2010 Pros' Choice Awards, snagging five 1st Place nods. But one SQ player was nowhere to be found for any of the awards—was Ace snubbed?

Enable: [Laughs]

Flamesword: [Laughs]

Ace: My team knows I deserve more awards than them.

Assault: Worst Attitude Award: Ace

Flamesword: He doesn't deserve any [laughs].

Enable: Ace deserves the Stride Pros' Choice Award for Most Likely to Choke in Game 5 [laughs].

Flamesword: But in all honesty, he should have been up in the Top 3 for MVP.

Assault: In my opinion, Ace should have been in contention for practically every award. He does more for the team than what the eye can see.

Flamesword: True statement.

Enable: Yeah, Ace was definitely the best overall player in 2010.

MLG: The recent trend for the top teams has been to shuffle rosters around looking for the perfect combination, and usually breaking up after just one or two Events. What is it about you four that has allowed this team to stay together for so long?

Flamesword: We're great friends outside of the game and we can all take criticism… except for Ace.

Enable: We are the perfect combination [laughs]. Honestly, we realize that we can only get better individually over time and our teamwork will continue to improve. It seems like teams are trying to combine the best individual players, but teamwork is always more important than individual skill.

Assault: Being the last member to join this team, I knew there was something special about these guys. Not being known as the best player and to have these guys stay faithful towards me is what made everything work.

Flamesword: We almost had a roster change when one of our red-haired teammates wanted to go to Carbon back in the day. Thankfully he came to his senses, and a year later we win.

Enable: You're gonna call me out like that? Free agent.

Flamesword: [Laughs]

Diesel: [Laughs]

Enable: Gottem.

Ace: After the first Event, we were together in Orlando 2010, I felt I had more fun with this group than any other team I had ever been on. We knew we had the potential to break the Top 3, but every time it was right there, we choked. So we just stuck it out and improved more and more.

Enable: LFGQ.

MLG: So do you think the other top teams would be better off sticking it out a little longer?

Flamesword: Probably, but they just have to have the right mindset.

Ace: It depends whether they think they have the right mix of guys. However, it is pretty unlikely for a team to get worse as time goes on, so yes.

Assault: It all depends—players either get dropped because they aren't performing well enough or there's a clash between personalities. Players can only get better, but personalities don't change… unless you're Enable [laughs].

Enable: Sticking together will only cause your team to get better, period… unless you suck.

MLG: Are there any teams that you see as threats to dethrone you in Columbus?

Flamesword: I'm not worrying about any of the other teams, really, just focusing on our own gameplay.

Ace: In my opinion the competition is close in the entire Top 16—it just depends what team is playing better any given Sunday. We have to make sure we are playing our best or we will lose.

Assault: There are only three teams that come to mind: the new Final Boss, Believe the Hype, and Swagger Like Us. I'm not worried, though, because teamwork beats individual skill any day.

Enable: There are maybe two teams I see contending with us, but if I play well enough I can carry us to the "W" [laughs].

MLG: Now that you four have earned the elusive Event win, what's left to accomplish on your MLG bucket lists?

Ace: A National Championship and [to be] the longest lasting team.

Flamesword: Become the longest lasting team in the history of MLG!

Enable: I would like to win a National Championship and a Season MVP. Also, being the longest lasting team would be pretty cool.

Assault: Win MVP of a tournament… and all those other things as well [smiles].

Enable: I knew Assault only cared about himself.

Flamesword: [laughs]

Assault: I just want to try baiting for an Event, it isn't too difficult.

MLG: Thank you all, and congratulations once again. Any shoutouts before we conclude?

Ace: Shout out to Red Bull, my entire family and friends, Design This Box, Krillin, Alonzo aka Fir3spin, Mr. and Mrs. P for their unbelievable hospitality and generosity, MLG and all their sponsors, Sam Nils and Kevin from Red Bull. Also shout out to all the Quo fans—keep it coming! I love the genuine fans!

Diesel: Shout out to Alonzo!

Assault: Krillin, Design This Box, Red Bull!

Flamesword: Big shout out to our sponsors Red Bull and Design This Box! Thanks to everyone who supported us, the Pennacchio Family, Rob, DMAQ, Detach, Mioff, Puckett, Shibby, Gandhi, and all of MLG's sponsors for making this an awesome League. Shout out to Sundance as well!

Enable: Thank you! Shout out to our sponsors Red Bull and Design This Box, MLG, my whole family, The LAN Network, Rob, Krillin, Alonzo, and all of our fans!

Entire Team: Be sure to follow us on Twitter! Flamesword, Enable, Assault Ace and Diesel.  Also… LFQ!


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