In a continuation from their previous meeting, Final Boss and Instincts just played for the right to enter first Halo 3 Championship Match of the 2008 Pro Circuit. In case you missed it, Instincts sent Final Boss to the Losers Bracket earlier in the day. Needless to say, this was a position Final Boss was not accustomed to being in—and they were not about to accept it.

The match kicked off on Narrows CTF. Final Boss went four-down immediately off the break, but were able to quickly recover and stop any possibility of a spawn trap. Walshy clocked in with FB’s first capture. Ogre 1 and Ogre 2 came in close behind with captures of their own to give Final Boss a 3-2 victory.

Game 2 was Onslaught Team Slayer and the teams struggled for control throughout the entire game. Lunchbox proved to be a large asset to his team as he tallied up an impressive 17 assists. Final Boss attempted to set up in red base several times, but were eventually defeated 50-48.

The third map was Guardian Oddball, and was a battle of attrition in all respects. Both teams put up strong offensive fights, as well as noteworthy defensive setups. Strongside amassed 31 kills for his team, while Mackeo totaled 30 assists for his. In the end, Final Boss got the best of Instincts and won Guardian 185-174.

Next up was The Pit Team King. Final Boss made the first strike, totaling up 47 seconds to Instinct’s mere 18. Instict eventually went on to tie the game at 72, and then take a 35 second lead. As expected, Final Boss came back with a vengeance. They caught back up through a tight combination of brute force and finesse, and wound up winning Game 4 by a margin of 218-190.

The final map of the match took place on Narrows in Team Slayer. Final Boss fought diligently to gain control of the top middle, knowing full well that it held the key to their success. FB eventually gained the map control they needed, and wound up with a 50-43 win over Instincts. They’re now set to take on Team Classic in the 2008 MLG Pro Circuit’s inaugural Championship Match. Be sure to watch along from home as the action gets underway!