Final Boss and Triggers Down met for the second time in the Championship Bracket at the Meadowlands in the Losers Bracket Semifinals. Final Boss carried a 3-2 lead into the series, meaning Triggers Down would need to win four games before Final Boss won three, as the series expanded to a best-of-11.

Final Boss took the first game of the continuation, a closely-contested 1-0 affair of The Pit Capture the Flag. That win put them up 4-2 and appeared to put the national champions in a dominant position. Triggers Down would not simply let their shot to advance go, however, as they claimed the next two games, Narrows Team Slayer and Construct King of the Hill. FearItself was 11-1 on Narrows, as Triggers beat down Final Boss 50-26. He provided another solid game on Construct, going 25-17 as Triggers won 250-164. Suddenly the series was tied 4-4.

Final Boss continued to claw through the Losers Bracket by taking out Triggers Down in a tense 10-game series. Final Boss now advances to the Losers Bracket Finals where they will face Instinct for a ticket to the Championship Match.

Game 4 of the second series was one for ESPN Classic. Onslaught hosted an entertaining game of Capture the Flag. The teams traded captures before Triggers Down scored twice in a row to lead 3-1. Final Boss slowly amassed pressure on the Triggers base and managed two captures of their own, making the game 3-3. Just as it looked as if Final Boss might seize all momentum, Triggers counter-captured and threatened to take a series lead. Final Boss would not relent and tied the game just before it went to extra time. The finish to the game was probably the greatest I have seen in a Pro Circuit match since a Halo 1 Derelict CTF match at MLG Chicago 2004, where Walshy single-handedly stopped a flag capture to end a game. Triggers Down pushed the Final Boss flag toward the scoring point slowly in extra time, but Final Boss fought to keep the score tied. Just as Triggers Down moved the flag as a unit to the scoring base, Final Boss managed a kill. The flag sat inches from the spot, but Final Boss eliminated all four TD players. They returned the flag and started a chain of their own. Though it took several lives, Final Boss managed to score the flag and won the game 5-4. Walshy was 38-28. They then had a 5-4 series lead.

After that finish, it seemed unlikely Triggers could recover. Though they kept Guardian Team Slayer close for a while, Final Boss established a comfortable lead. Thanks to deft sniping and a 14-7 performance from Ogre 1, Final Boss won the game 50-38. That victory gave them the series and a second date with Instinct in the Losers Bracket Finals.