As the Open Bracket winds down, Final Boss and Fear the Four just battled it out on the Main Stage. Final Boss has been looking incredibly strong throughout the weekend, and this match was yet another display of their prowess. Here’s a quick breakdown of the action.

Guardian Team Slayer was dubbed Game 1. Final Boss were quick to take control of the sniper tower, while concurrently trapping their opponents near the yellow lift in the process. Through the use of a deadly effective combination of offense and defense, Final Boss were able to take Guardian 50-25.

Game 2 was set on The Pit for Team King. Final Boss gained control of the hill quickly, and began their relentless assault on Fear the Four. FB racked up 70 seconds before their opponent were able to score a single one. However, their pace then slowed somewhat, with the game eventually settling out at a 250-130 Final Boss victory. Strongside finished the match with a jaw-dropping +17 spread. Of course, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Final Boss as the competition continues and we can’t wait to see them match up against some of the other highly ranked teams in the tournmanet.