In an epic 11 game series, Final Boss was able to defeat Classic, sending them home in 4th place. This was the second time the teams had met in this tournament, and because of this, Final Boss’ 3-0 advantage was carried over to the extended best-of-eleven series. Although Final Boss was able to advance, they certainly made it interesting. Entering the series in a huge hole was not a deterrent for Classic, as they came out with as much fire and intensity as ever. Taking five of the first six games in the extended series to put Final Boss in a win or go home situation. Final Boss proved why they are considered Halo’s greatest team and managed to collect themselves, winning game 10 and 11 by a safe margin.

Final Boss will now meet up with ex-teammate Walshy in the Losers Bracket Finals.

In other news, Ambush topped Triggers Down in a match for fifth place. After taking first in MLG Orlando, Triggers Down departs Toronto with a sixth place finish.

Game Scores:

Game 4: Classic Wins: 243 – 90
Game 5: Classic Wins: 50 – 32
Game 6: Final Boss Wins: 5 – 3
Game 7: Classic Wins: 50 – 42
Game 8: Classic Wins: 191 – 172
Game 9: Classic Wins: 3 – 2
Game 10: Final Boss Wins: 50 – 41
Game11: Final Boss Wins: 50 – 42