Final Boss continued their impressive run through their first Halo 3 tournament, as they defeated third-seeded Triggers Down 3-2 in the Winners Bracket Quaterfinals. The series win advanced the reigning national champions to face Instinct in the Winners Semis.

Ogre 2 had a disgustingly, enormously monstrous outing in Game 1, CTF Narrows, where he went 28-13. His effort put Final Boss up 1-0. Triggers Down countered in Game 2, winning Onslaught Team Slayer 50-39, partly in thanks to Hysteria, who logged 19 kills to just 11 deaths. Tied 1-1, the series looked to be up for grabs.

Final Boss assumed their second lead after a completely dominant win on The Pit King of the Hill. Winning 250-87 is one thing against an Open Bracket opponent, but doing it against the third seed is another beast completely. Walshy was 26-14 and orchestrated an absurdly tight setup for Final Boss. Triggers Down looked just as good in Game 4, for the first half, at least. They held a 90-second lead on Guardian Oddball before Final Boss mounted an epic comeback, taking a brief lead. Triggers Down stabilized just in time, though, and won 250-224, forcing Game 5.

The deciding game occurred on Construct and Team Slayer would decide the winner. The two teams battled equally for the greater part of the game, but Final Boss pushed to a slight lead and held on to win 50-43. Ogre 1 played the best, going 14-9. The win gave Final Boss the series and a spot in the Semifinals.