In a match-up that some people would have predicted to be the Finals before the event began, Final Boss has just toppled Str8 Rippin in Losers Bracket Round 6. The loss ended Str8 Rippin’s hopes of winning the 2008 Pro Circuit’s inaugural event, and sent them to a consolation round bracket against Carbon to determin who would be 5/6 place. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it went down.

Onslaught CTF was the first game, and simply put, it was pure domination. Ogre 2 scored one flag within the first minute and a second flag a minute later. This type of play continued, as Ogre 1 and Strongside also picked up captures on their way to winning 5-0. Many people thought this was some sort of indication of what was to come, but Str8 was not about to give up without a fight.

The next game was Guardian Team Slayer. Legit led Str8 to an early lead of 12-4, while Tsquared put the sniper rifle to work. The majority of the match was spent swapping setups between the blue room and the sniper tower. Final Boss eventually caught back up to tie the game at 45. The two teams then went kill for kill until the match was deadlocked at 49-49. After a few minutes of complete defense from both sides, Strongside got an angle on Elamite to win the game for Final Boss.

The Pit Team King would follow. Final Boss jumped to an early 20 point lead. They maintained this lead throughout the majority of the game, but Str8 came back to tie the match at 124. With the game tied and 40 seconds left on the clock, Str8 pulled ahead and won by a final tally of 193-179.

The final game of the match was Narrows CTF. Strongside once again captured a flag within the first minute for Final Boss. Legit responded with a capture of his own, followed by another capture from Elamite. Ogre 2 and Walshy were credited with the final captures which gave Final Boss the 3-2 win. Final Boss then had to face Triggers Down, who they defeated earlier to the tune of 3-2. The winner would arrive in the Losers Finals for the chance to play the winner of the Winners Finals match. Meanwhile, Str8 Rippin must face Carbon to determine which of the teams will take 5th and which will take 6th.

Final Boss eliminated Str8 Rippin in the Losers Bracket Quarter Finals, sending them to a consolation match against Carbon for 5/6th place.