Number one seeded Final Boss took the Main Stage against their first opponents of the tournament, Uprising (32). The match was well handled by Final Boss, and as expected, the team came out on top by a score of 3-0. Here’s how it went down.

CTF on The Pit started off rather shaky for the reigning champs, but they quickly regained their composure and began their expected onslaught. Walshy and Ogre 2 made two consecutive captures, followed by another one by Captain Clutch. Walshy finished the match with the most flag captures, most kills, and the best ratio of any Final Boss member.

That brought us to Game 2 on CTF Narrows. Strongside put up 10 quick kills, while Ogre 2 managed to catch up to him with 10 of his own. Final Boss won Narrows CTF by a count of 50-34. Ogre 2 put up 15 kills when it was all over, while his twin brother, Ogre 1, helped him out with 13 assists.

KOTH on The Pit, which served as Game 3, was a hard-fought battle on both sides. Jlo Deuce, from Uprising, put on an impressive performance with the sniper rifle. He had multiple no-scopes on both Strongside and Walshy. Ogre 2 played the objective throughout the match, as he single-handedly racked up over half of his team’s hill time. Final Boss won the game, and also the match, by a series score of 3-0.