With most well-known Halo 2 players snagging high seeds and first-round byes for the Meadowlands, only a smattering of high-profile names were forced to suit up and hit the battlefield in Round 1. One such team featured the big Halo names of Killer N and Tupac: FBI Jackalopes.

The Jackalopes snagged the 47th seed for the inaugural Halo 3 competition, earning a date with 210th-seeded Vizion. In the early days of a new game, survival is often the name of the game. Avoiding upsets can be just as difficult as playing dominant Halo, since almost every team could be an unknown juggernaut in the waiting. The Jackalopes, however, did not have to worry about that possibility.

Despite a tentative opening, The Jackalopes took The Pit Team Slayer by the score of 50-27 on the back of Killer N. The Pit seems to fit his free-ranging style and in Game 1 he used that fact to his advantaging, posting an 18-8 game, while adding 7 assists.

If Vizion could erase the opening minutes of Game 2, they might have been able to make a run at taking the victory, since they largely broke even with their higher-seeded foes. Unfortunately for Vizion, the opening phase of the game saw The Jackalopes open a massive 98-4 lead. The game ended at 250-159, sending the favorites to Round 2. Mando led the team in hill time, while going 26-17. Killer N again added a splendid outing, logging 30 kills and 17 assists to just 19 visits to the death screen.