Couple of new things with the site today. The first one that everyone should pay a lot of attention to is The FAQ. I know, I know, your thinking, oh geeeze what do I need to know from there? Well, a lot of you do not. However, I need some help populating the FAQ with questions that you think will help explain to new comers things about MLG that you may have been confused about in the past, or may still be a little weary on. This covers everything – points, events, how to register, the forum, whatever. If everyone posts one question, I think we can have a pretty fat FAQ and help out the new comers, so head on over to the FAQ Section of the site and ask a question or two.

The other major addition added this morning is a Game Reviews section. I put in my 2 cents with Doom 3 just to get things rolling, but feel free to put in reviews for any game you like. Please take your time with your reviews. Two paragraph reviews are not going to fly. This is one of those features that we will test out for a few weeks and see how it goes. If the reviews are good then we will keep it. If you guys think its dumb then we will drop it. Hey, I am here to serve you!