MLG’s Jokr had a chance to chat with Instinct. After finishing as the runners-up in MLG San Diego, they shocked the community by making a team change, replacing the young and talented Snipedown with former teammate Victory X.

MLG: How has Instinct been preparing for Orlando?

Lunchbox: We played on Xbox Live as much as we could. It wasn’t really all that much because everyone was so busy, but we’re having a LAN with VGA, Gandhi and Defy’s new team. We’re LAN’ing with them until the event. Ghost Attack is subbing for them right now, but Fear will get here on Tuesday and we’ll have a couple of days with their full roster.

MLG: Victory, your three teammates had their highest placing last tournament without you. Does this put more pressure on your for the upcoming tournament?

Victory X: It Certainly does. It was embarrassing losing to them at the last event to tell you the truth. Pretty much I have to prove that I can place the same or better with them when I’m on the team.

MLG: Mackeo, for the past few seasons you’ve put together some of the league’s best teams. What is the thought process behind the players you pick up?

Mackeo: I try to look for a mix of players that want to learn how to play the game. Although Naded was really sick and skilled, I didn’t feel he wanted to learn the game as much as the twins did. They have been the most willing to learn. When I teamed with SK and Elamite, at first it seemed like we were improving a lot but then it just seemed like everyone’s pride got in the way and everyone thought they were too good to learn.

MLG: Your team has come close to winning a tournament numerous times, but always seems to struggle near the end. Has this given you a greater drive for the next tournament, or left a bitter aftertaste when coming home?

Lunchbox: I think us placing second gives us just that little more drive to win the event now.

Mackeo: Taking second place definitely leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

MLG: This one is for Roy and Lunchbox: As twins, last tournament you out placed the Ogres. This tournament, you have a potential match up against them late in your bracket. How does it feel to be considered legitimate competition for the Ogres?

Roy: It always feels nice being considered in the same league as the Ogres, to be a player of such a high status. I think last tournament we proved that we’re on the same level as them, considering the fact that we got second and they got seventh. This next tournament, it will be interesting to see how we will match up against them in Winners Bracket Round 4.

MLG: A lot of new faces are popping up in Halo 3. Why do you think some Halo 2 Pros were able to transfer while other weren’t?

Lunchbox: Halo has always been about smarts. If you’re good at Halo individually, the skill for the most part will transfer, so it’s basically about smarts; the Halo 2 pros proved that since most of them are on top in Halo 3. It transferred over pretty well, considering there aren’t any new Top 8 teams.

MLG: Out of the top teams, the members of your team spend the least amount of time practicing. Why do you feel you are still able to come out above other teams that practice much more?

Roy: I think even though we’re the least practiced, I feel like our strategies are on par with the best. I feel that we have the best strategies. Practicing only gets your team chemistry so far, but we’re all good friends so our chemistry is really great. It’s our strategy that takes us to the next level.

MLG: Which team at Orlando do you most want to play and why?

Lunchbox: I think the match we’re most looking forward to is between us and Triggers Down. We want to shut Snipedown down. Everyone on the forums kind of rides him, basically gives our second place finish just to him, so I want to prove that one player can’t influence a team that much. It’s all about teamwork, and individual skill will take you only so far.

Mackeo: The way I see it, Triggers Down is a team that’s just ridiculously cocky. Every player on their team comes off with an attitude of no respect. They’re being consistently out placed by us. I’ve never been out placed by FearItSelf and he acts like he’s my superior. It’s kind of annoying and I don’t know how to react to that. Hysteria has been talking trash to me since he’s been placing 9-12th and I’ve been placing top 3. It’s the same stuff over and over. So I want to finally play them, because we just switched players, and show them that us four are better than you four, so we’re going to stick it to them at Orlando.

MLG: Why was Victory X picked back up and Snipedown dropped?

Lunchbox: Our biggest reason was not the way that Eric played individually, but the lack of experience was definitely a factor. There were definitely moments where he made questionable plays, and a lot of it could have been due to San Diego being only his second event. I mean, you can’t expect much more out of the kid, he played really really well, but I feel he was the player who we would have had to build up to a first place finish, not a player that we could have automatically obtained a first place finish with. He wasn’t really on point with our team and the stuff we wanted to do. We went over stuff at the LAN and he learned and adjusted his play style, but there were times when he still went back to his old tactics which cost us games. It’s hard for a player to cost you a game. There were a lot of times when he was playing for himself, but I’m not dissing Snipedown, he’s a great player, definitely one of the best on the circuit, but unfortunately individual skill isn’t the only measure of a player.

Mackeo: Also I think we made the team change because we know Victory better. Snipedown is good, but Victory is a lot better.

MLG: Which team do you feel has improved the most after all the recent team changes and why?

Mackeo: I personally think that we did. That’s why we made the team change. We took second place and I don’t think anyone’s ever taken second place and made a team change except for Carbon with the team change for Ghost and after that they continued to win numerous events. Although we took third place at Meadowlands with Victory, I was completely and totally disappointed, and I predicted that us and Str8 would be in the finals [for San Diego], then Victory left us. We still managed to take second, but with Victory I think we would have beat them.

MLG: Alright, thank you very much Instinct for taking the time to talk to us. Best of luck to the team at Orlando.