Are you ready for an exclusive look at this Fall’s most anticipated game release? Then you’re in luck. MLG is incredibly happy to reveal that we will be bringing you exclusive multiplayer footage of Halo 4! Watch as some of the best Halo pros in the world go head to head playing the upcoming installment of the storied Halo franchise.

Tune in to at 12pm ET on Friday, June 8 when the footage goes live!

MLG will be taking you behind the scenes for exclusive access to the all-new Halo 4 multiplayer.  Eight top pro players will play a five game series showcasing a variety of maps, game modes and Game Types.  MLG’s Shibby (Rich Webb) will be joined by MLG pros Walshy, TSquared and Mrs Violence to provide commentary and more.

The players:

  • Naded (Brett Leonard)
  • Neighbor (Mason Cobb)
  • Frosty (George Polk)
  • SneakEBeaver (Ryan Polk)
  • Elumnite (Marcus Lovejoy)
  • Hoaxer (Emmanuel Lovejoy)
  • ElamiteWarrior (Kyle Elam)
  • Best Man (Nick Johnson)

Coverage will include commentated gameplay, raw gameplay, interviews with players and a discussion with developers about the finer details of the multiplayer experience. If you want to get a first look at the future of Halo, head over to at 12pm ET Friday, June 8 for coverage you won’t find anywhere else.