The first truly unexpected result of MLG Meadowlands occurred during Open Bracket Winners Round 2 as the seventh-seeded team, End Result, lost two hotly contested matches to Elusive Strafe, a team that was completely unranked coming into the tournament.

While the outcome was certainly surprising, such things are prone to happen during the first MLG Pro Circuit competition of the season—particularly when there is a new game. It should be interesting to see how End Result fares in the rest of the Open Bracket and we’ll certainly keep on top of Elusive Strafe’s progression through the rest of the tournament. Only time will tell whether they possess the mettle suggested by their early match against one of the top-ranked Halo 3 squads. Stay tuned to for more up to the minute coverage throughout the weekend, and be sure to continue watching it all as it goes down on MLG Live.

The Scores:
G1: End Result: 45, Elusive Strafe: 50
G2: End Result: 160, Elusive Strafe: 250