By Alco

Real Name: Quinton Redd
Age: 20
Home State: CA
Current Team: Goodfellas
First Event Attended: Anaheim 2010
Number of Events Attended: 6
Best Placing (4v4): 15th Dallas '10 Exhibition
Favorite Game Type: Sanctuary Flag
Controller Settings: Bumper Jumper, 4 sens, No Vibe
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Mortal Kombat
Hobbies: Gym, Basketball, spanking noobs in Call of Duty

The BIC® Flex4® Live FFA Competition is on a quest to discover the best FFA talent at each Pro Circuit Competition of the 2011 Season. The top FFA player from each Event — the BIC® Flex4® Elite — will be flown to the 2011 MLG National Championships, where they’ll all compete on the Main Stage for the FFA crown and $4,000 in cash.

We sat down with one of the Elite—our Anaheim winner, Dream Crusha—to find out a bit more about him and see how he was feeling about the competition.


MLG: How and when did you get your start in competitive Halo?

Dream Crusha: In like the middle of Halo 3 I just played for fun, but [my friend and I] started getting really good and heard there was going to be a big tournament near us, [so] we started practicing for it and fell in love with competitive gaming.

MLG: Staying true to your name, you absolutely crushed in the Final of the BIC® Flex4® FFA, winning by more than 10 kills. How did you feel about your chances at winning, going in?

Dream Crusha: I felt pretty confident. I knew if I just played smart and was patient I would have it in the bag.

MLG: So what was your team for Anaheim and how did you guys fare?

Dream Crusha: Goodfellas—we got 32nd. We would have done better but we couldn't go to consolation because the FFA was going on at the same time.

MLG: Will you be attending Raleigh? What's your team for the Event, and how are you hoping to place?

Dream Crusha: Yes, my team [will be] Goodfellas and I'm hoping we get 1st, but I'll settle for Top 16.

MLG: Do you think your BIC® Flex4® FFA win has raised your profile as a player? Do you think you've been receiving more attention from established players, and being considered as a viable teammate?

Dream Crusha: Yeah, I get a lot more recognition and respect. And yeah, a couple teams that wouldn't run with me before decided to after [the FFA]…but I decided to stay true to my Goodfellas.

MLG: Realistically, where would you like to see your status as a player a year from now?

Dream Crusha: I'd like to be on a Top 8 team. I know I have the skill and the teamwork to do it—I just need the right players.

MLG: Quentin, Thanks for answering some questions, and good luck in the rest of 2011. Any shoutouts before we go?

Dream Crusha: To my favorite gamer and my best friend for life, Trixinity, and my sister for supporting me even when things don't look so bright. Also thanks to Geekers Gaming for making it possible for me to go to events.

For your chance to earn one of the remaining coveted spots as a BIC® Flex4® Elite member and compete against Dream Crusha, Str8 Sick and P Tizype at the 2011 MLG National Championships, check out the details of the next BIC® Flex4® Live FFA in Raleigh, NC. Can’t make it to Raleigh? You can also start your quest in the free BIC® Flex4® Online FFA.