ElamiteWarrior has been climbing the Halo 2 ranks since his appearance on the tour last season, culminating in his best performance ever at the last regular season stop on the 2006 tour in Orlando. Not only did Elamite finish 10th overall in the Pro FFA, but he also lead his team to a career best 5th place in the 4v4 tournament. His steady Battle Rifle, consistent play and outstanding performance in Orlando netted him the Scion Player of the Year nomination for that event and secured his team’s statust as the 8th ranked team going into the Playoffs.

Leading up to the Playoffs, MLG is giving voice to many of the best players in the league to see what their predictions are for who will finish on top. We’re kicking off the mini-article series with Elamite’s Playoff Picks, but keep your eyes on MLGPro.com all this week and next as we roll out predictions for both Halo 2 and Smash from Pros on many of the top teams.

1. Final Boss – Final Boss fell victim to the “LAN’ing before a tournament” bad luck. I think they are going to step their game back up and finish out the rest of the season with first place finishes.

2. Carbon – Although I am extremely biased toward StrongSide, GH057 works well with them, and Shockwave and Gandhi are on fire. I mean seriously–who gets killtacs on Final Boss? But if there is anyone who will beat Final Boss again it will be Carbon.

3. Xit Woundz – I would like to see Xit break into the top 3 this season. Killer N is monstrous.

4. Str8 Rippin – Str8 Rippin is an amazing team but I do not see them breaking the Top 2 as long as Carbon and Final Boss do not slack off.

5. Storm Ventures – A very solid team who just got unlucky and had to play us in the 5/6 consolation round.

6. Legendz – These are some incredible players that got unlucky and had to play my team for 5/6.

7. Vanity Gaming – Everyone on our team is crazy good. We had 75 percent of our team in the Pro FFA at Orlando. We’ll be prepared for the Playoffs.

8. Shook On3 Gaming – A team of four good players, but it does not look like they can keep up with the evolving skill of up-and-coming teams–unless the tournament were five rounds of Sanctuary CTF, where they would totally dominate their competition.