One of the true success stories of Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit, Elamite Warrior has worked his way up the ranks since his debut in the 2005 season. The selfless slayer of Vanity Gaming, Elamite has aided his team to prize contention throughout the season as they secured the New York Level 1 Playoff Bracket’s top seed. Elamite provided stellar performances throughout Orlando’s Championship Bracket as his side defeated FBI GamerGraffix, Triggers Down, Legendz and Chicago runners-up Storm Ventures en route to a career best 5th place finish. Not to be overlooked, Elamite Warrior emerged from a grueling 837-man Open FFA and placed 10th in the Championship FFA. For his spectacular individual and team performances in Orlando, Major League Gaming has named Elamite Warrior Orlando’s Scion Player of the Year Nominee.

Name / Gamertag: Kyle “Elamite Warrior” Elam
Age: 18
Hometown: Florence, KY
Control Style: Default
Favorite Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Favorite Map: Midship
Favorite Setting: Midship Ball
Play Style: Support Slayer
Greatest Strength: Teamwork / team shooting
MLG Competition Finishes:
MLG Vegas 2005 :: 9/10 FFA and 9-12th 4v4
MLG Chicago 2005 :: 18th Pro FFA and 17th-24th 4v4

MLG New York 2006 :: 9th Pro 4v4
MLG Dallas 2006 :: 18th Pro 4v4
MLG Anaheim 2006 :: 29th Pro FFA and 7th Pro 4v4
MLG Chicago 2006 :: 8th Pro 4v4
MLG Orlando 2006 :: 10th Pro FFA and 5th Pro 4v4

What was your reaction when you discovered that you were nominated for a spot in the Scion Player of the Year competition?
I was really excited. It finally felt like all the effort I put into this game was starting to pay off.

Based on your tournament performance in Orlando, MLG’s Senior League Officials have deemed you to be one of the most promising emerging talents in Halo 2. Tell us about how you got to this point.
Practice, practice, practice–and when I was not actually playing, I was thinking about what I could do to be better.

What is your defining characteristic as a player?
I believe one of my defining characteristics is that I can come up with strategies both during practice and during actual tournament games based on the team we are playing. I also can listen really well to my team members and almost always be team shooting.

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome to get to this point?
My biggest obstacle would have to be school; trying to budget playing Halo 2 with homework, as well as finding time to hang out with friends. Luckily, a lot of my friends–like StrongSide–play Halo, so we can have fun while playing Halo.

What advice do you have for the up-and-comers out there looking to win a nomination?
If you look at my MLG competition finishes, I did not come out and blow away the competition. I started off slow and have been able to gradually improve my finishes over the ‘05 and ‘06 season. I want to tell the up-and-comers not to be discouraged if they do not finish as well as they would like to the first time–or even the second time around. In order to do well at a tournament, you have to have fun.

What will you be focusing on in order to prepare for the Scion Player of the Year Finals in Las Vegas?
I am going to buy some gaming lessons from the Ogres when they come out with their website and hope that does it for me.

What will you do if you win the Scion XB Release Series 3.0?
If I win the Scion XB, I am going to go pick up StrongSide, Scrubtwista, and some locals like Corey and Joe, and then drive and pick up Triple007 in California and take a road trip to the first event of the MLG 2007 season.

Elamite Warrior earned the final Regular Season nomination for the heated Scion Player of the Year competition.