Do you drink NOS? Of course you do. So why not reward yourself for doing something you were already doing anyway? 

That's where the NOS Rewards Series comes in. MLG and NOS Energy Drink are teaming up to offer you a bunch of exclusive, limited-edition MLG merch. Just get yourself any specially-marked can or bottle of NOS, check under the tab or the lid for a code, and head to Enter your code for points, and you can either redeem your points for any of a ton of prizes, or save them up to get even bigger prizes. Here's a sample of what you can win:

  • Limited edition NOS-MLG Performance Collection Wristband
  • Limited edition NOS-MLG PS3 skin
  • Limited Edition NOS-MLG Collection T-shirt
  • Limited Edition NOS-MLG hat (coming soon)

Keep in mind, none of these editions are available to the public, so you'll be the only one who has one, and they are only available for a limited time. So, between the NOS and the swag, you'll be energetic AND unique.