MLG Announces Dota 2 Bundle for the MLG Championship

$2.50 of every purchase goes directly to the Dota 2 prize pool!

Attention Dota 2 fans:  The MLG Championship in Columbus taking place November 22-24 just got even better with the Dota 2 bundle.  For just $10, fans and spectators can now make a direct impact on the Dota 2 stakes with $2.50 of each purchase going directly to the prize pool.  The top teams in the international tournament will now have the chance to earn more than $50,000 in prizes and the total prize pool is in your hands.

The bundle includes a Deathbringer Courier, HUD, Ward, Battle Bonus and purchasers will be eligible for in game item drops during the MLG Championship Columbus.

Reminder, the Championship is free to watch in-game so this is a great way for you to support MLG, the players, teams, and the artists involved.


Dota 2 MLG Championship Bundle – $10 – Purchase Here

  • $2.50 of every purchase will go directly to the MLG Championship Columbus prize pool – players will compete for more than $50,000 in prizes
  • Deathbringer Courier, designed by T_vidotto (@tvidotto)
  • HUD, designed by Moerrrb
  • Ward, designed by Danidem (@TheDanidem) and animated by T_vidotto (@tvidotto)
  • Dota2 Battle Bonus through MLG Columbus
  • Only users that purchase the bundle will be eligible for in game item drops during MLG Columbus!


Deathbringer Courier