By Galen Andress

ZvP is a matchup that can give a lot of Zerg players trouble, especially when a Protoss gets that third base rolling and works up to a seemingly unkillable deathball. After a Forge Fast Expand, many Protosses will go for pressure with Stargate units while taking a third base to switch into Collosi or High Templar to get that deathball rolling.

During that time, Protoss players are especially weak to multi-pronged harassment, and DRG knows just how to exploit that with Mutalisks and Zerglings. Even on Antiga Shipyard, a map with a small amount of area to cover between three bases, DRG was able to make one of the world's best Protosses, MC, look like an amateur. Let's take a look at how DRG approached his first game against MC, and how he used certain attacks to set up a very difficult position for MC in the late game.

How DRG responds to a Forge Expansion

Rather than going for a kill with a ton of early Roaches, DRG responded to MC's Forge Expand with a very fast third base before taking any of his geysers. He takes the third Hatchery at roughly the five minute mark, just after his second Queen finishes. DRG continues to make nothing but Drones at this point, and adds on a third Queen as soon as he can afford it. The third Queen will help immensely in defending against Stargate play, both by spreading Creep and attacking any air units.

With a third queen on the way and a ton of Drones, DRG finally adds on two Extractors. At this point, DRG also sacs an Overlord to try and get an idea of what MC is up to, and is able to see the Stargate. His timing on the Oerlord scout is very good, as the 6:30 mark is when Protoss players start to build up a bit of money and start adding on production after a Forge expand.

How DRG responds to Stargate

Drones, Drones and more Drones! Upon seeing the Stargate, DRG continues to make Drones, and adds on an Evolution Chamber for Spore Crawlers. Knowing that a frontal attack won't be coming any time soon, DRG knows that he is safe to make Drones. In the mean time, he spends his gas on upgrades (Zergling Speed, +1 Carapace and a Lair).

When his Spore Crawlers are done and Zergling speed is about to complete, DRG has Droned up to about 70, so he starts adding on a few Zerglings and puts down a Roach Warren. This starts happening at around the 9:30 mark, and lines up exactly with the timing that MC's additional Warp Gates are finishing up. Again, very well timed by DRG. DRG gets very active with his Zerglings at this point, knocking down the rocks leading into MC's third base.



DRG's Attacks

Zergling poke at MC's third (11:30) – Around the 10-12 minute mark is when a Protoss will be going for a fast third base. DRG gets aggressive with his Zerglings at this point, looking to shut down any third base attempt. MC uses very nice Forcefields to keep the Zerglings at bay, but uses up all of his Sentry energy in the process.

Roach followup attack (13:00) – Knowing he had depleted all of MC's Sentry energy, DRG continued the aggression with Roaches with the goal of targeting down the Sentries. One saving grace a Protoss has in defending multi-pronged harassment is Forcefield, but with MC's Sentries destroyed DRG was free to run around the map.

Exploiting weaknesses with Mutas – For the rest of the game, DRG bounced between MC's third base and main base with his Mutalisks. Like any good Protoss player should, MC was forced to split his Stalkers apart from the rest of his army to chase the Mutalisks around. DRG exploited that by finding the unprotected Sentries and Collosi of MC and targeting them down with his Mutalisks. With no Sentries or Collosi, DRG was able to run MC over with a mass of Roaches, Zerglings and Banelings.

DongRaeGu was able to make one of the best Protoss players in the world look like a rookie, tearing him apart with perfectly timed attacks and relentless multitasking with his Mutalisks. DRG's performance in game one is one that Zerg players everywhere can learn from. If you want to check out the game for yourself, you can watch the VOD.