The 2006 Boost Mobile MLG Pro Circuit might seem a distant memory to some, but the players and momentous events of the year still resonate today. Join us as we take a visual tour of the Top 10 Moments of 2006:


The 1v1 match between Karma and Walshy became an instant classic

Landing off at the ten-spot is a tightly contested 1v1 match between Karma and Walshy. The Final Boss captain challenged Karma’s 1v1 dominance in Anaheim’s Winners Bracket Finals. The match was a close struggle to hold control of the top-center structure and snag pivotal camouflage spawns. After a series of dramatic lead changes, Walshy and Karma found themselves tied 14 – 14. What ensued was a memorable clash between two of the Pro Circuit’s top solo artists. In a display of bravado, both combatants stormed into the open for a match-determining firefight. With his shields completely depleted, Karma fended off Walshy’s title run and defended his crown.


MLG fixture from the start, Zyos retired in 2006

At number nine we have the exit of a Pro Circuit legend. Entering 2006, XiT Woundz were heralded as one of Major League Gaming’s top four teams. The team took an unexpected tumble at Dallas, falling to eX and MoBDeep en route to a seventh-place finish. Zyos, notorious for abandoning teammates after underwhelming performances, solemnly exited the Frisco Embassy Suites, never to return to the Pro Circuit. The move saw the exit of one of the league’s most charismatic characters. Zyos was a constant force during the league’s inaugural two seasons. During 2004-2005, Zyos assembled the only two teams to topple the Ogres’ reign on the MLG Circuit and stood as one of Halo CE’s most feared 1v1 competitors.


Carbon stormed through the Losers Bracket in Anaheim, completing one of the league’s greatest runs

Carbon claim the eighth spot on the charts with a unique Anaheim performance. At the season’s third event, Carbon experienced an unexpectedly shaky start, as they were knocked to the Losers Bracket in the second round by 14th-seeded FBI GamerGraffix. In an unprecedented affair, Carbon dredged through seven grueling Losers Bracket rounds to reach the Championship Match. Early in their journey, Carbon were nearly eliminated by Storm Ventures and Vanity Gaming. The team, however, looked to improve each match. After hitting their stride, Carbon knocked out FBI GamerGraffix and swept long-standing rivals Str8 Rippin in the Losers Bracket Finals. The performance was the start of Carbon’s reputation as the tour’s most capable rallying force.


Shook On3 Gaming dug out of a 2-0 hole against Str8 Rippin

When Str8 Rippin and Shook On3 Gaming met in Chicago’s Winners Bracket Round 3, it looked to be another routine sweep by Str8 Rippin over a lower-seeded squad. Seizing a 2 – 0 series advantage, Str8 Rippin looked to complete the sweep in Game 3. Shook On3 Gaming, however, proved defiant and rallied to dramatically take the series. The team punctuated their victory with arguably the most energetic celebration in Major League Gaming’s history. The victory propelled the squad to a career best fourth-place finish and earned Shook On3 gaming the number seven spot on the 2006 Greatest Moments list.


Azen returned to Smash prominence

Sports history is filled with stories of great competitors who have emerged from retirement to reach greater heights. Michael Jordan returned from a disastrous baseball career to add three more championship trophies to his resume. In 2006, the Smash community immediately felt the effect of Azen’s presence. In Azen’s return to the Pro Circuit, he and partner Chillin managed to achieve a feat that had eluded the rest of the Smash community for years. They defeated Ken and Isai. Unquestionably the most dominant duo in competitive gaming, Ken and Isai’s uninterrupted hold on their championship crown eclipsed the reign of Halo’s Final Boss. Chillin and Azen brought it all crashing down and added fuel to a burning East versus West rivalry.

At the following tournament, Orlando, Azen achieved top honors by besting Chu Dat 6 – 2 in the Championship Match. Characterized by a tendency to field a wide array of characters, Azen surprisingly used Captain Falcon exclusively to topple Chu’s Ice Climbers. However, the victory was bitter-sweet for Azen. Having identified a victory over Ken as his career goal, Azen felt shortchanged by the fact that he took the tournament without facing his rival. Ken finished fifth after falling to KoreanDJ and Isai.

In the Playoffs, Azen would achieve his career-long dream. After winning the Level 1 Singles competition, Azen was given the opportunity to square off against long time rival Ken in Level 2’s opening round. Ken quickly took a 2 – 0 advantage in what many considered to be the title match. Azen, however, heroically battled back from the brink of elimination. The victory propelled Azen to an eventual Playoff title victory over PC Chris. Ken, by stark contrast, would lose his following match to Mew2King and finish seventh.


Carbon rallied at the Playoffs

The number five spot, from Halo 2’s Playoff Title match, is known simply as “The Comeback.” Exemplifying the phrase “down but not out,” Carbon rallied from a 4 – 1 series deficit to take the championship in Game 11. Through sheer determination and some clever coaching antics, Carbon clawed their way back into the series. The feat was record breaking, as no team had previously recovered from such a deficit. In doing so, Carbon became the first team in history to take back-to-back titles from Final Boss.


PC Chris (right) won the season-opener in 2006

The number four moment of 2006 turned the Smash community on its head. Voted as 2005’s Breakout Player of the Year, many thought PC Chris possessed much unfilled potential. Expected by many to make leaps and bounds in 2006, the entire Smash community was shocked when PC Chris knocked the undisputed “King of Smash” to the Losers Bracket. In the return bout, Ken forced the series to a pivotal Game 11. PC Chris was supported by an overwhelmingly spirited East Coast crowd during the tense series and took the 11th and final game to put his name among a short list of Smash elites. The crowd at the Meadowlands erupted in a roar as PC Chris seized the season-opening title.


Carbon won the 2006 National Championships, their third tourney win in a row

As the 2006 season boiled down to its final event, the anticipation for a National Championship bout between former dynasty Final Boss and reigning champions Carbon skyrocketed. With $100,000 on the line, Vegas finals looked to be the most eagerly awaited match in Major League Gaming’s history. After a 6 – 4 victory, Carbon had nothing left to do but celebrate.

SlimJim bouquets and a giant $100,000 check in hand, Carbon were amazed to be standing atop Major League Gaming’s ultimate prize podium. The 2006 season was a dream ride for the men of Carbon. Opening the season to a 6 – 0 loss to Str8 Rippin, few would have guessed how far Carbon would come.


Storm Ventures came from nowhere to become a force on the circuit

At number two on our Top 10 countdown is a true “rags to riches” story in competitive gaming. At the season’s fourth event, Storm Ventures put on a completely stunning performance. After placing 16th in Anaheim, the team took a meteoric rise to second place. On their journey, Storm Ventures dismantled Carbon in a thrilling 11-game series. Storm Ventures took Game 11, Sanctuary Slayer, by the count of 50 – 48 to seal their ticket to the finals. There they became the season’s first team to take a game from Final Boss in a Championship Match. Moreover, Storm Ventures produced a legitimate title threat as they took four games from the reigning champions.


Carbon derailed Final Boss’ dominant string of victories

Out of all the memorable moments from the 2006 season, one stands above the rest. For nearly three seasons, Final Boss had stood as the definition of greatness. The team held an incomparable dynastic reign. Losing didn’t even stand as a possibility. In fact, many had asserted the feat to be impossible and believed Final Boss would reign unchallenged for the remainder of Halo 2’s life cycle.

However, in the regular-season finale, the unthinkable happened: defeat. The word, so foreign to Final Boss’ ears, rang louder than ever. Final Boss’ Orlando loss to new-look Carbon marked a shift in Major League Gaming’s pantheon. Carbon had found their missing element with the acquisition of Ghostayame. Their Orlando title run shocked even themselves, as they dismantled Halo’s longest standing dynasty.

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