Detach, MLG pro player and member of Triggers Down, gives us his complete set of predictions for how the Top 8 will turn out at MLG Chicago. Will Detach prove to have a prophet-like knack for calling results, or will he turn out to be just another Ms. Cleo? Let us know, and be sure to witness the action first-hand this weekend at MLG Chicago or on VoD!

Detach’s Chicago Top 8 Predictions
Article by: Detach

1. Final Boss – OGRE 1, OGRE 2, Walshy, Saiyan
Final Boss has only lost one Halo 2 Tournament ever. It looked as if Str8 Rippin was closing the gap in the Winners Finals in Dallas and in New York, but all of the Finals rounds have been complete blowouts, shutting out any MLG fans’ hopes of an upset. In Anaheim they looked even stronger, only dropping a single game the entire tournament to Zone 6 (now known as Aero Jet). To be fair to FB, they probably weren’t even trying. Right now they are still the team to beat and look as strong as ever.

2. Str8 Rippin – Tsquared, Foulacy, AYB Fonzi, Defy
This was probably the toughest prediction for this tournament. Gandhi is probably going to give me a bunch of crap for this prediction, but Str8 Rippin has Defy on their team! He is basically the definition of a neat guy. I really put Str8 ahead of Carbon because of Carbon’s shaky performance in Anaheim. While Str8 was man-handled by them in the Losers Finals, they had a much more solid performance in Anaheim overall and I think they will be on top of their game in Chicago.

3. Carbon – Shockwav3, Karma, Gandhi, StrongSide
Everyone on the forums has come to love Carbon since they have given us two extremely close Finals matches with Final Boss before (St. Louis ’05, NYC 05 Championships). The forums had been saying if they could make it past Str8 then they would be able to give Final Boss a run for their money. They finally got that chance in Anaheim and, well, the results weren’t very pretty. They could have easily won games two and three in their series, but pretty much choked, resulting in a 3-0 win for Final Boss. If they make it to the top in Chicago, hopefully they will have a better Finals performance.

4. eX – Cpt. Anarchy, MimiC, Ghostayame, PisToL
While having a lackluster performance in Anaheim, I think we will see a rebound from this team in Chicago. The return of Ghostayame will be huge for the team, as well as the addition of MimiC in place of MelloZ. I recently had the chance to scrimmage against their team online and their teamwork was extremely on-point and I believe we could see them challenging teams at the top again.

5. XiT Woundz – Killer N, Bonfire, Itwasluck, Samurai
It was tough for me to predict this team in fifth place. They stopped my team’s run for top four in Anaheim and looked really strong, taking Carbon to game five in the Losers Bracket Semifinals. In the games Carbon won, they dominated XiT, but they won both of the Team Slayers, which are considered the weaker gametypes of the series. If XiT can step up their Slayer game in Chicago, they could give Carbon another run for their money (literally) if they meet up again. It’s obvious to me that bringing back Samurai to their team definitely gave them a boost. Don’t count them out of the top four.

6. Triggers Down – Toxin, Toxinsneighbor, SK Halogod v2, Detach
A modest prediction for my team, I believe we can have just as impressive a performance in Chicago as we did in Anaheim. I almost didn’t predict us in the top eight, but I am way too cocky for that. Even though I predicted my team for sixth place, I believe we could topple any of the teams ahead of us. We have stepped up our Midship game considerably for this tournament, and will be a force to be reckoned with.

7. Storm Ventures – Ramby, Legit, Naded, Poon
They underestimated my team in Anaheim, and had to suffer the consequences by playing Carbon in the Losers Bracket for Top 16. They have learned from their mistakes and will be on top of their game in Chicago. Even though they only earned 16th place in Anaheim, they were still impressive in the Losers Bracket in which they took Carbon to an extremely close game five (50-47 Warlock Slayer). Look for this team to move back into the top eight in Chicago.

8. – Fossik, Nitrouss, Triple007, Elamitewarrior
They earned top eight honors in Anaheim, but lost a close series to Carbon in the battle for top six. They only have to beat Aero to get top eight again, so I can definitely see a repeat performance.

Other teams to watch out for:

Team Versus ‘ BoO, Mack, Vash, MelloZ
This is a very solid lineup for Chicago. BoO has always been an impressive player and Mack, Vash, and MelloZ are all usually top eight regulars. Look for this team to cause some upsets in the Championship Bracket.

FBI Michigan – Tupac, Slim, Victory X, Mackeo
FBI Michigan was an extremely impressive team in Anaheim. They defeated Carbon in game five to send them to the Losers Bracket early, which kept many top eight regulars from earning their respective places. They weren’t as impressive Sunday when they were 3-0′d by both my team and Carbon, but under Pac and Slim’s veteran leadership I could definitely see a repeat top eight performance from this team. The brackets are against them however.

Get Treated ‘ Shook on3, Pyrocy, Vegetto, Lightking
They fell short of a repeat top eight performance but I’m sure they have worked on their flaws and will be looking to work their way into the top eight again.

Team Aero Jet – Spainiard, Bigtimer, Bruno, Butterz
Regardless of what Monkey and Goose say on the forums, Spainiard is a good player and deserves a little respect. I think they got lucky with their top eight in Anaheim, but nevertheless they were a very impressive team.

I can’t wait for the showdown in Chicago!