Ok, it seems that a lot of people have been picking up on this custom made gametype. I think I should only post it on the home page because (a) its the most fun I have had on Halo 2 yet (and I really like Halo 2) and (b) because I am pretty tired of people joining our games and not knowing whats going on. So, here are the rules!

Humans vs. Zombies

  • Create a custom gametype that has no shields, no friendly fire, swords and shotguns to start, and only pistols on the map. (no nades either and we take radar off, way scarier)
  • Get a group of 10 – 16 people to make it fun and put everyone on the red team except for one player, and put him on the green team. Now, the reds are humans, the greens are zombies.
  • The game starts and the reds can only use magnum and shotguns while the green guy (zombies) can only use sword.
  • Once a red is killed by a green guy he must hit start and switch to the green team. Now there are two zombies running around!
  • You can one-shot the zombies with the magnum, so its pretty easy to kill them off, but trust me, you get enough of them to swarm, and it gets nasty quick.
  • The last human on the board is declared the winner.

Good levels:

  • Foundation (try stacking the boxes in front of the door in room #4. So scary.)
  • Zanzibar – My personal favorite. Lots of high places to hide, but dont stand too close to the sides or you will get someone swording up to you
  • Barial Mounds – Hiding on the ribs is a lot of fun