Cpt. Anarchy made a huge lunge for the upper echelon this season by moving up from his previous team, eX, to the 3rd ranked team on the tour, Str8 Rippin. By picking up Cpt. Anarchy, the members of Str8 improved their overall slaying and bounced back from a poor 7th place finish in Chicago to take 3rd again in Orlando. With the Playoffs looming and his team preparing for the event, MLG enlisted Cpt. Anarchy to give us his picks for the Top 8 in New York as part of the “pros’ prediction series” that has been running all week on the site.

Cpt. Anarchy’s Playoff Picks:

1. Final Boss – I think after their loss in Orlando, they realized that taking breaks from the game doesn’t help them, because there are other teams playing and practicing–enabling them to catch up. They are still the team to beat, don’t get me wrong, so it’s just a safe bet to have them at number one. They hate losing, so it won’t be easy taking them down two events in a row.

2. Carbon – Carbon will be the team to look out for on Sunday. They really want to win again to prove that they are the best. In the past, Carbon has always had trouble closing out series or winning games to take it to the Finals, but with the addition of Gh057ayame they don’t really have that problem as much. Although they do tend to lose their focus and strategy–we saw it happen in Orlando after being up 4-1 against Final Boss.

3. Str8 Rippin – Str8 Rippin (my team) has always been amongst the Top 3, and I really think this is the lowest we can get at this event. We’re shooting for a Top 2 finish, though. I really think our team is going to do a lot better than we did in Orlando. We have revamped some of our worst gametypes and strats. We also worked on our emotional problems, allowing our team to flow more thoroughly. We have also started to click a lot more, allowing us to be a lot more comfortable with our moves, always knowing our teammates are there to help. Watch out for us come Sunday; we won’t disappoint.

4. Xit Woundz – XiT time and time again has been that team that has finished consistently in the Top 5. XiT has really good teamwork, but they always choke or get un-clutch when it matters most. XiT proved last season in the National Championships to be the fourth best team in the league. I really think they will get fourth unless Storm Ventures gives them a good series.

5. Storm Ventures – Storm Ventures had a rough weekend at the last event, going through emotional problems involving teammates and whatnot. They should be on top of their game, and expect them to finish within the Top 5—and if not, Top 6. Ramby always motivates his teammates to win in big-time situations, and come Playoff time he will be on top of everything to make sure his team finishes well.

6. LeGendZ – These guys are tough to predict. They can be really good or really sloppy. I think this is the best they can do considering that it’s their second event together and they still have some kinks to work out. Well see though, because these guys have always been unpredictable. They fell short of a Top 6 finish in Orlando, losing to Storm Ventures and Vanity Gaming, and then FBI Michigan in the consolation bracket. I think they will be a lot sharper come New York.

7. Vanity Gaming – I personally think this team is full of talent and good team chemistry. These guys will have a rough road to the Top 8, having to come out of the first level of the Championship bracket to take that final 8th spot. I think that this is the highest they will place, since they will have to play FB first round and then the loser of the LeGendZ/Xit Woundz match-up. If they do make it through Level 1 of the Playoffs, they will be set for Vegas and probably give a better showing then.

8. Shook On3 Gaming – They have worked all season for 7th place, edging out Vanity Gaming for the spot. S1G won’t have the easiest bracket to make Top 6. First round they have to play Carbon. Then they will have to play the loser of the Str8/Sv match. It won’t be an easy tournament for these guys, giving them two possible losses in a row, which would leave them fighting for 7th/8th place and an early exit on Sunday.

Note from Cpt Anarchy:
These predictions are unbiased. I looked over the bracket time and time again and saw what the match-ups would turn out to be, and I think this is how it will finish. This is coming from a guy who has been to events and seen what teams have done; it’s not just a guy rooting for his favorite players to win and making absurd predictions. Good luck to everyone attending New York, and have good time!