By Alco

(19) Leverage entered the Finals up 3-1 over (8) Optic Gaming, following a previous matchup in the Winners Bracket Finals. They were the heavy favorites to win last night's Championship Match in the Call of Duty: Black Ops $25,000 Online Tournament presented by PlayStation. While such a comfortable lead looked all but insurmountable, Optic by no means planned on going out without a fight. BigTymer, Rambo, Proofy, and Merk showed right from the start that they weren't fazed by the two-game disadvantage, and before Leverage knew it, Optic had pushed the series into a tournament-deciding Game 11.

In the end, AcheSlaya, TeePee, MrBobby, and Fears of Leverage managed to cling to their series lead and take the top spot. For their efforts, the team will earn $10,000 cash in addition to the bragging rights that come with being Black Ops' current top team. Congratulations to both teams for an outstanding showing in the Playoff Bracket, as well as consistently strong play throughout the three-month competition.

Winners Bracket Finals

Game 1 – Summit CTF – 1-0 Leverage
Game 2 – Villa SnD – 4-0 Leverage
Game 3 – Villa Dom. – 309-233 Optic
Game 4 – Havana CTF – 1-0 Leverage

Championship Match

Game 5 – Grid SnD – 4-3 – Leverage
Game 6 – Firing Range CTF – 1-0 Optic
Game 7 – Hanoi SnD 4-3 – Optic
Game 8 – Summit Dom. – 324-229 Leverage
Game 9 – Hanoi CTF – 2-0 – Optic
Game 10 – Havana SnD 4-0 – Optic
Game 11 – Firing Range Dom. – 367-187 Leverage


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