MLG Raleigh is just weeks away, and with it comes your chance to compete in Mortal Kombat during the Pro Circuit weekend. Some of you may have participated in the Online Qualifier, and some of you might be starting off in Raleigh. Either way, this is your chance to make history, and maybe even win a share of $7,000 in the process!

The Live Tournament will take place on all three days of MLG Raleigh, and will be played exclusively on the PS3®. Here’s how it works.

If you did not participate in the Online Tournament:

  •       Registration is first-come, first-served, and is free and open to anyone with a spectator, player, or coach pass for Raleigh
  •       The line for the competition will begin forming outside the combined PlayStation Compound/Mortal Kombat booth when doors open in the venue at 1:30PM on Friday
  •       A 1v1 competition will take place Friday from 3PM – 10PM and Saturday from 11AM – 9PM
  •       The player who wins will stay at the station to take on the next challenger
  •       The eight players with the longest winning streaks over Friday and Saturday will return on Sunday to join the Top 8 from the Online Qualifier and compete in the Championship Bracket 

If you were one of the Top 8 Players from the Online Qualifier:

  • You can skip all of the Friday and Saturday play
  • You go straight into the single elimination, 1v1 Championship Bracket tournament, along with the eight players with the longest winning streaks on Friday and Saturday
  • The Championship Bracket begins at 12PM on Sunday, on the MLG Booth stage
  • Please note: you must check in at the Mortal Kombat booth by 8pm on Saturday night in order to be seeded into the Championship Bracket on Sunday. 

At Stake:

  • $7,000 Total
  • $3,000 for 1st Place
  • $2,000 for 2nd Place
  • $1,250 for 3rd Place
  • $750 for 4th Place

Come out to Raleigh and show everyone what you’ve got! Get a spectator or competitor pass so you can take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament, and get your game faces on.


Official Rules:
Please note: If a player from the OQ Top 8 does not show up, that spot will be filled by a player from the walkup competition, based on winning streaks.
A. All Matches will consist of 1 Game.
B. Players will line up to the competition stations on a first come first serve basis.
C. The winner of the Match will remain seated.
D. Players will be competing to reach the highest Win Streak by defeating as many consecutive opponents as possible.  Once a Player loses a Match or leaves the competition station, the Player’s Win Streak is ended.
E. Referees will keep track of the Players with the highest Win Streak throughout Friday and Saturday.
F. A minimum of 8 Players and maximum of 16 Players with the highest Match Win Streak will advance to the Bracket Competition.  Number of Players will be based on the attendance of the Raleigh Online Qualifier Ladder Players.
G. If there is a tie for entry to the Bracket, the tied Players will compete prior to the start of the Bracket on Sunday to determine who advances.  All tied Players will play each other once in one Game.  The Player(s) with the most wins will advance to the bracket.  This process will continue until all ties are broken.
Bracket Competition Format
A. 16 Player Bracket
B. Single Elimination.
C. The top 8 Players from the Raleigh Online Qualifier Ladder will be seeded into the Bracket based on their Ladder placing.  1-8 seeds will be reserved for the Online Qualifier Players.
D. The Players with the highest Match win streak from the open competition will be seeded into the Bracket behind the Online Qualifier Players based on their Win Streak.
E. All Matches, except for the Finals Match, will consist of a Best of 3 Games (first to 2 wins) series.
F. The Finals Match will consist of a Best of 5 (first to 3 wins) series.
G. A tiebreaker Match to decide 3rd and 4th Place will take place prior to the Finals.
General Rules
A. Controllers will be provided. Players may use a wired FightStick if approved by the Tournament Admin.
B. In the case of a PS3/TV malfunction, the Game will be restarted from the beginning.
C. Any sign of cheating may result in a Forfeit of the Game, disqualification from the Event, and ejection from the venue.
D. Players may not use any Kombat codes.  Breaking this Rule will result in a Forfeit of the Game.
E. The winning Player in Open Competition or the higher seeded Player in the Bracket may choose whether to play as Player 1 or Player 2.  If a winning Player in Open Competition does not exist and both Players are unable to agree, a coin flip will be used.
F. In the Open Competition, the challenging Player must select their Character first.  If a winning Player does not exist, a coin flip will be used. 
G. In the Bracket Competition, Players may request a Blind Pick of Characters for the Game 1 of a Match.  The winner of the previous Game must select their Character for the upcoming Game, first.  The loser of the Game must then choose their Character for the upcoming Game.
5. Settings:
A. All Matches must be played in the Versus Mode.