Rank Final Standings
1st (1) Instinct
2nd (6) Final Boss
3rd (5) Believe The Hype
4th (8) Status Quo
5th (13) Warriors
6th (7) Carbon
7th (2) UoR Classic
8th (3) Triggers Down
9th (9) Heaven and Earth
10th (4) Str8 Rippin
11th (11) Category 5
12th (15) Illuminati
13th (14) Ambush
14th (16) Power
15th (12) vVv Active Rush
16th (10) Darkest Hour
17th (20) Frenetic Array
18th (24) Gimme My Money
19th (26) UoR Vengeance
20th (27) Young Money
21st (18) UoR Adrenaline Rush
22nd (17) Victorious Secret
23rd (19) FnaticMSI
24th (21) Take Respect
25th (28) Second Nature
26th (22) Fire Breathin Franks
27th (25) 49 Yellow Dragons
28th (23) The Wombats
29th (30) Reality Check
30th (32) Escape
31st (31) Purple Parrots
32nd (29) Direct Effect
33rd Paranoia
33rd Easy Mode
33rd Secret Society
33rd Imagine
33rd Pluto is a Planet
33rd AbR
33rd The Main Attraction
33rd Defiance
41st Asylum
41st Ultimate
41st Satin Sheets
41st Turning Point
41st AfterHours
41st A Day to Remember
41st Southern Hostility
41st Livin’ the Dream