For those of you who stuck around after the Open Playoff Finals on ESPN Saturday Night, you just witnessed nothing but Cold Hard Pwnage. Serving as the culmination of MLG’s first ever endeavor into the realm of Halo 3 Free For All, the Top 8 slayers from throughout the weekend were pitted against one another in a battle royal that won’t soon be forgotten! The winner of the 15 minute round would have his choice of $1,000 in Cold Hard Cash, or a trip to our National Championships in Las Vegas.

Cold Hard Killa Wins Dallas FFA

Right out the gates, Cold Hard Killa took the lead and never looked back. After starting the game off with a Killing Spree, CHK continued to dominate the other seven competitors throughout the duration of the 15 minute round on Guardian. After pulling off multiple Triple Kills and even an Overkill, Cold Hard Killa definitely proved he was worthy of the title of Halo 3’s first ever FFA Champion!
Congratulations to Cold Hard Killa on his win, and be sure to tune in tomorrow as play resumes here in Dallas!