The glitz and glamour of Vegas played host to the first ever Live COD4 Competition. With a total of $15,000 in cash up for grabs, Call of Duty 4 players from across the country gathered in the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel to show of their abilities. For many of the players, this was their first MLG event. This would mark the first time some of the players would meet their teammates, play in front of a crowd, and deal with the immense pressure that comes along with the Live Competition atmosphere.

All weekend long, COD4 fans were treated to some amazing matches. Who could forget the epic three hour, 11 game series between TBRE and Head Trauma? Round after round, five game series seem to become the norm, as the competition here in Vegas was as tight as ever. There were several teams who looked like they would have dominated an all Search and Destroy tournament, but just seemed to struggle in Domination and Sabotage. These two sets of gametypes tend to require very different playstyles, and it was fairly obvious that several teams had trouble finding a middle ground between the two.

In the Winners Bracket Finals, Envy Us escaped with a narrow victory over CA FEAR, taking the series in five games. CA FEAR fought their way back from the Losers Bracket, and rode the wave of momentum right through Envy Us in the finals, absolutely crushing them in four consecutive games.

For all of the COD4 players who competed, this event was an awesome chance to experience an MLG Live Event. For several teams, they were able to snag some cash, and prove that the skills and teamwork they developed throughout the Online Pro Circuit Ladders carried over to a Live Competition environment. Check out the final results below, and once again, congratulations to CA FEAR, and the rest of the COD4 players who played their hearts out in Vegas.

COD4 Final Results

1st. CA FEAR–$8,000
2nd. Envy Us–$4,000
3rd. Head Trauma–$2,000
4th. TBRE–$1,000
5th. FRAG Stability
6th. Redefined Legends