Team Classic and Carbon have just slugged it out for passage into the Winners Bracket Finals. Team Classic showed up to prove that they are serious contenders in this league and not just “online wonders”—and they did just that with a stunning 3-0 sweep of Carbon.

The match started off with a game of Onslaught CTF. Team Classic put on quite a show as they captured flag after flag. Carbon was unable to score a single flag throughout the match, as TC went on to win in an impressive 5-0 showcase of talent.

The following game was Team Slayer on The Pit. The two heavyweights battled back and forth throughout the beginning of the match, until Carbon was able to break ahead slightly at 17-12. Team Classic quickly closed the gap, and continued to go kill for kill with the famous foursome. In the final minutes, the score was tallied up at 49-48 in Carbons favor. Legend broke through the rocket hallway to snag a double kill and give TC the win. The members of Team Classic celebrated, leaving Carbon with the sinking feeling that their backs were against the wall heading into Game 3 with a 2-0 defecit.

The third and final game was Construct Team King, and was just as adrenaline-fueled as the previous two. Team Classic quickly jumped to a 30 second lead. Carbon was able to make up the deficit, however short lived. TC then took an even bigger lead, extending it out to nearly 80 seconds. Once again Carbon managed to bring the game back, but time ran out before it was possible to surmount TC’s lead. Team Classic won the final map 246-236, moving them into the Winners Semi-Finals. Carbon must now battle back if they have hopes of finishing in the Top 3 as they’ve grown accustomed over the past several years.

Team Classic is interviewed by the Stride Championship Series team after their crushing 3-0 win over Carbon.