Since winning the first MLG Halo 3 Online Tournament, Team Classic have proved themselves excellent players, but many wondered how they would perform on LAN. Two days into MLG Meadowlands 2008, they have removed most of the doubts resoundingly. Their 3-1 win over Influence only aided their cause.

Classic jumped out to a 1-0 series lead on Narrows CTF. They edged Influence 3-2. Classic took a commanding 2-0 lead when they managed to squeak by in Game 2, Onslaught Team Slayer, 50-49. Up 2-0, they looked to end the series in a sweep.

Influence had other plans, however. They resolved to win in Game 3 and made sure to seize the victory, pulling out a close one of their own, 206-202 on The Pit King of the Hill. Influence could not gain any momentum, though, as Classic pushed to a 250-188 win on Guardian Oddball. That victory gave them a 3-1 series win, which puts them in the Winners Bracket Semifinals.