A new champion has been crowned! Str8 Rippin walked into San Diego as arguably the most prepared team at the competition, and by only dropping a single game throughout the event, it’s obvious that the fruits of their labor have paid off in a big way. For the first time since MLG Orlando in 2007, Str8 Rippin have officially been crowned champions on the MLG Pro Circuit.

With the win, Str8 will undoubtedly take over the top spot among the Pro Circuit Rankings, where they’ll enjoy the advantages of boasting the number one seed in the 2008 MLG Pro Circuit’s next stop in Orlando Florida. Now that the event has wrapped up, let’s take a moment to break down the final match on a game by game basis.

Game 1 – Construct Team Slayer

When it came to Team Slayer games, Instinct has been on fire throughout the entire weekend. Unfortunately, history wasn’t enough to get Instincts the win. Right from the start, both teams fought for possession of Construct’s power weapons.

Legit was able to get a hold on the sniper, in which he proceeded to inflict significant damage with. On the opposite side of the podium was Snipedown. His performance in this game, as well as throughout the entire tournament, was enough to legitimize his rankings among the top Halo 3 players in the world. Despite Instinct’s best efforts though, Str8 was able to out-slay them by a final score of 50-44.

Game 2 – Onslaught CTF

As one of their strongest gametypes throughout the tournament, Str8 Rippin knew exactly how to approach Game 2. The game started abnormally slow, with the first flag touch not coming in until 3 minutes into the game. Tsquared pulled off Str8’s first flag capture, followed by another, and then another from Neighbor shortly after. Instinct were eventually able to capture two of their own, however it was not enough to stop the inevitable. Str8 Rippin won Onslaught CTF by a final tally of 5-2.

Game 3 – The Pit Team Slayer

With Str8 Rippin holding the historical advantage on The Pit, and Instinct holding the advantage in Team Slayer, Game 3 was destined to go straight down to the wire. Instinct was able to grab the initial power weapons, and proceeded to rack up a significant lead with them. Str8 slowly crept back to eventually tie the game up at 45, at which point both teams switched into defensive mode. After a few minutes of a complete stalemate, Instinct made a charge on Str8, and were successfully fended off. The sequence of events ended the match in a dramatic 50-48 Str8 Rippin comeback, and gave Tsquared, Legit, Elamite, and Neighbor their first championship in Halo 3.

Congratulations to Str8 Rippin on their success, and be sure to stick with mlgpro.com as our post-event coverage begins to roll out.