Round one of the Championship Bracket has largelyconcluded, and many of the results are in. As expected many of the top-seeded teams excelled, knocking their competition into the Losers Bracket right away. From what we’ve seen so far, no major upsets have occurred and things have kicked off very smoothly.

Str8 Rippin defeated Fear the Four in a 3-0 routing. The match kicked off with CTF Narrows, which Str8 won 3-0. Game 2 was held on The Pit TS, and once again Str8 took it home with a 50-40 scorecard. The final game was Construct Team King, in which Str8 drove the match home 250-162. They’re now headed into Winners Bracket Round 2.

Meanwhile, Triggers Down faced off against Status Quo in Winners Bracket Round 1. With a final match score of 3-0, Triggers Down cruised onward with relative ease. Across the venue from TD and Status Quo was MoB Deep and Are You Ready. MoB won Game 1 by a 3-1 spread. Game 2 was quite a bit closer, but MoB still pulled off the win 50-47. They then finished off their opponents with a 250-148 victory in Construct King of the Hill.

Final Boss took on Zone 6 and continued their forward march in style to the tune of 3-0. CTF Narrows took a full 15 minutes to finish, but they still pulled off the win 2-0. However, Game 2 was pure domination, as represented by the score, a stunning 50-16. Game 3 gave Final Boss the match, which they won by a score of 250-190.

And finally, Instincts, formerly known as The Agency, took on Abusement Park for the right to move into Winners Bracket Round 2. Instincts made light work of their opponents on their way to a 3-0 victory. Game 1 was a quick 3-0 win for Instincts. The next map was not quite as quick but the outcome was the same. Instincts won Game 2 by a 50-48 margin. Wrapping up the match was Construct King, where they also won with a score of 250-106.

Stay tuned as Winners Bracket Round 2 gets underway!