In the midst of this highly eventful off-season, we checked in with Vash, Mack and Defy of Legendz. The team discusses their optimistic approach to competitive gaming and reveals a roster change sure to surprise.

MLG: First of all, I can’t let you guys completely off the hook for those rather bold predictions you made the last time I talked to you.

Vash: Ha.

Mack: I’ll take care of this. I predicted that we would beat Final Boss. Firstly, I though we could have easily beaten them in the New York Playoffs. We played three close games in a row, and lost because of minor mistakes. Secondly, I’m not going to say that I don’t like our chances against them. By being confident our team adopts the idea that we are capable of beating them. Obviously it didn’t happen, but I don’t regret saying those things.

Vash: I thought we could beat them. I think having a coach helped us more than we thought.

Mack: To explain, Popcorn P was our coach in New York. He was supposed to go to Vegas as well.

Defy: Right, he wasn’t able to make it to Vegas. So at the last minute we got screwed.

MLG: Is a full-time coach something you guys will be looking into for 2007?

Defy: Yeah, we have a few people in mind, mostly local friends. Popcorn is looking to play this year.

MLG: Who are your coaching options?

Vash: Lunatic and Thor. Just locals.

Defy: And they might get together and play, so we’re not sure yet.

MLG: I suppose the first order of business is finding a fourth teammate.

Mack: (jokingly) Thanks, that’s good advice Trunkers.

MLG: Well, you guys have managed to scare off Strongside, Legit, and KillerN so far.

Defy: Well, Legit got his.

Mack: I think its better that we don’t have Legit. I’m not sure I want a player on my team who is so prone to choking. But we have a new fourth actually.

MLG: Anarchy?

Defy: Nope, he’s teaming with Fonzi and Ramby.

Mack: We picked up Joe.

MLG: That’s a surprising choice. Why Joe?

Vash: I have no idea.

Mack: It is basically Defy’s idea.

Defy: Haha. Well, after playing on LAN with him, with no practice, I saw a lot of things in him that I didn’t expect. He’s a crazy smart player whose only weakness is his shot. Whenever I play with him I feel as if everything comes to me a lot easier. I’m just a lot more comfortable in general.

Mack: Also, he has never placed Top 8, so I think he will strive to be better than other people might. I know he respects us a lot as players.

MLG: I think people will be quite surprised by the move.

Mack: Exactly. So he is going to be giving it more effort than others.

Vash: Plus he looks like a normal person and acts like a normal person, so we don’t have to worry about things being awkward.

Defy: I expect people to think that we’re going to do awfully. But I’ve been a good gauge of talent in the past. Vash, Anarchy, Strongside.

Mack: Also, if we picked up another top player, they would have an ego. They would care about their stats. But Joe is a selfless player.

Defy: Well, Anarchy was a realistic option, and is an amazing player. But when it came down to it, Joe was the one who in my eyes would fit the best, especially when it comes to helping Mack main-slay.

MLG: Right, you guys had mentioned before that you intended to structure your team around Mack playing the main slayer role. I never really saw KillerN being a legitimate option for you guys.

Defy: We needed another true selfless player to help unleash me and Mack. I haven’t been able to slay ever since I came to Legendz. With Joe I feel I can help Mack pick up the slack almost exactly like I did with Tsquared on Str8. The only difference is, Mack slays a hundred times more aggressively than Tsquared.

MLG: How have your practices with Joe gone?

Vash: We have been doing fairly well in practice. We have only practiced once on Xbox Live, and won four of our eleven games against Final Boss.

Mack: At the LAN this past weekend, we won five of six games against Storm Gaming.

Defy: We were coordinating well and it seemed as if it were the way to go. This was with Mack not playing for over a week, and as a team never playing together, which is why XiT handled us rather easily. They aren’t a team you can run and gun against.

MLG: So, from your early impressions, what are your expectations for this roster in 2007?

Vash: Well again I think we’re now going to destroy the maps with our organization.

Mack: Our expectations are the same as they would be with any fourth: Place Top 3 and eventually win an MLG event. Get some contracts and get some hot chicks.

Defy: We’re always looking to win. You can’t play to lose.

Vash: Exactly. We may be cocky, but it really is just because you have to be. What kind of sports team walks into a tournament looking for second or third?

Defy: No one.

Vash: Exactly.

Defy: So we’ll let everyone else do the predicting. We’re in it to win. Every time.

Vash: We’re kind of going back to our old ways here and picking up someone who needs a chance. Joe is going to be amazing.

Mack: I think people still underrate us. Especially me as a player. I’m just gonna go bonkers in 2007.

Defy: I know for a fact that no one, and I mean no one, respects Vash. Some don’t respect Mack either.

Mack: Vash gets so little respect it’s astounding.

MLG: Well, you guys still have a lot to prove in the eyes of the community. You’ve been swept in all your encounters with the ‘Big 3′.

Defy: At New York though, you can’t look at our games against Final Boss on Ogre 1’s host and say that our team got destroyed. You really can’t.

Vash: Also, considering there is no more ‘Big 3’, we should do fine. Carbon is the only team with the same line up.

Mack: I think we finally asserted ourselves as the fourth-best team on the circuit. Now it’s time to break into Top 3.

MLG: Aside from Carbon, Final Boss, and yourselves, who do you see as the strongest roster on the Circuit?

Defy: Jeez… whatever teams come out of Str8 and Storm Gaming are going to be sweet in my opinion.

Vash: I think the new str8 is the most interesting. The other teams look awful.

Defy: To me I’m shocked that Fonzi and Foulacy split. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

MLG: Right, Fonzi and Foulacy splitting is arguably the most surprising result of the off-season

Defy: Yes, it is. In my opinion they had something that rivaled the Ogres when it came to outright teamwork and communication. But when I was on Str8 Rippin, everything was “Fonzi’s fault.” But any time you leave Tsquared, you know people are going to be drooling at that spot.

Vash: Somehow Tsquared wins in situations like that.

Defy: He’s persuasive. He talked his way onto our 2005 Championship team and our Houston team.

MLG: Well, regardless, I just get the sense we haven’t seen the last of the team changing drama.

Defy: We haven’t. XiT is going to have some. There are so many supposed lineups, but I’m not really in a position to give insight.

Vash: We’ll probably drop a few seeds as a result of our new roster. But then again we might get a shot at the new Final Boss.

MLG: Well, thank you very much for your time guys. Best of luck in 2007!