Of Halo 2′s upper-echelon teams, Carbon have probably received the least amount of hype in the Halo 3 scene. As we all know, hype does not always translate to reality. Perhaps Carbon should have gotten just a bit more recognition, as they looked strong against solid competition in Halo 3′s Open Bracket Round 3.

Facing by far the toughest challenge of any of the big-name squads, Carbon met FBI Jackalopes (KillerN, Tupac, Eleven, Mando, as previously reported) on the main stage at the Meadowlands. Many in the audience sensed a close match, but Carbon easily outpaced the Jackalopes in Game 1, Narrows Team Slayer. Ghostayame had an enormous game, going 17-4 and leading Carbon to a 50-27 win. Game 2 was much closer, but Carbon still proved the more-solid unit. Their teamwork led them to a 250-197 win on Construct King of the Hill. Though the game was closer than the final score indicates, Carbon were still clearly the superior foursome.

The 2-0 series win advanced Carbon to Winners Bracket Round 4.