After being defeated by Instinct in the late hours of Saturday night, Carbon was pitted against High Life on the MLG Main Stage. The match would serve as their first test of the day, and provided a great example of why Carbon is still considered one of the best collectives in the world. Check out a re-cap of what happened in Carbon’s 3-0 win over High Life.

Karma started Game 1 off with a bang, almost immediately bagging a triple kill to get his team motivated. Karma’s efforts seemed to have done the trick too, as Carbon quickly broke the ice with a flag capture. However, High Life was determined to give the 2006 National Champions a run for their money, as they responded back with a capture of their own, bringing the score to 1-1. Despite their best efforts though, Carbon was still able to oust High Life on CTF Narrows by a final score of 3-1.

Game 2, which was Guardian Team Slayer, went much like the previous map. Karma put the sniper rifle to work early, racking up 10 kills in speedy fashion. Carbon held a consistent 10 to 15 kill lead throughout the duration of the match, which was mainly due to their overwhelming team-shots. While Karma may have ended the game with 17 kills, it was his Ghostayame and Gandhi who enabled that to happen with their matching 15 assists. Carbon took Guardian Team Slayer 50-33.

Construct King would host the last game of the match, and was yet again all about Carbon. Both teams traded seconds in the first half of the game, in which the score was at one point tied at 96 each. From there though, Carbon began to simply out-slay their opponents, enabling them to build a massive 191 to 103. Due to continuous flow of no scopes, Karma once again motivated his team towards a 250-184 victory in Game 3.
Carbon now heads into Losers Bracket Round 5, where they’ll likely meet some of their toughest competition thus far in the tournament. Be sure to stick with as the action here at MLG San Diego begins to heat up.