In a match that was expected to happen as soon as the Championship Bracket was made official, Carbon and Str8 Rippin went head to head on the Main Stage in Winners Bracket Round 3. The match served as the perfect finale to ESPN Saturday Night, and brought in the biggest crowd we’ve seen all weekend.

Starting off the match was Narrows CTF. Both teams traded kills, until eventually Carbon made the first grab. The flag was taken all the way back to their base, only to be stopped by two consecutive cross-map snipes from Neighbor. Gandhi was still able to capture the flag, which gave Carbon the 1-0 lead. A flood of captures then began, and along the way to Carbon’s 3-0 win, Ghostayame racked up a notable 16-6 spread.

Game 2 was set on Onslaught Team Slayer. Both teams immediately began to fight for the top of both A and B. After a fairly dismal start from both teams, Str8 began to pull away. Str8 out-gunned Carbon 15 to 8 on their way to a 50-33 win.

The next game was King of the Hill on The Pit. Str8 started off strong by controlling the rockets and Overshield. As expected, Str8’s setup while the hill was on the platform—–seen earlier in their match against Legendz–was once again very effective. However, Carbon’s defenses were brilliant, and they had a few set up strategies of their own that kept Str8 on the ropes despite their best efforts. Carbon then put up a quick 75 second lead, which proved to be too tough for Str8 to overcome. After an intense last two minutes of play, Carbon pulled off the win on The Pit by a score of 237-192, putting Str8′s backs against the wall going into Game 4.

Next up was Guardian Oddball. Str8 attempted to set up on the sniper tower while Carbon did their best to keep the ball in the blue room. After successfully setting up in blue room, Carbon amassed a 50-second lead. Despite leading nearly the entire game, Str8 came back with a last minute push to win Guardian. Legit ended up with 91 seconds on the ball and Tsquared boasted a +14 spread.

In the final game of the match, Construct Team Slayer, both teams slugged it out. Str8 battled back from a notable deficit to reclaim the lead. However, it would be short lived. Carbon came back to win the match in the nail-biting fashion that has become their trademark on the Pro Circuit. The final score of the map was 50-47.

Carbon will now move into the Winners Semi Finals, while STr8 will head into the Losers Bracket tomorrow and begin their trudge through the competition.