Carbon put a stop to all doubts about their team’s desire to win this weekend with an impressive 3-0 sweep just minutes ago the MLG main stage here in Dallas. The Agency trained extensively with Final Boss before this event and many fans had picked them to upset Carbon in this series. However, Carbon played incredibly well over the three-game series and will now advance to face Final Boss in the WB Finals.

Game 1 was a CTF Midship affair where Carbon handily defeated The Agency 5-1. Shockwave led his team with 27 kills and helped his teammates repeatedly assault the opposing base. Shockwave again led Carbon in the TS Beaver Creek battle for Game 2. He posted a 19-10-10 score and while Halogod answered right back for The Agency with 17 kills of his own. Unfortunately for Halogod, his teammates Elamite and Mackeo each only posted five kills apiece and their team lost 50-38. Game 3 looked to be in the hands of The Agency early in the match. Getting control of the Green Room, they posted nearly two minutes of time before Carbon was able to break 20 seconds. Once Carbon broke the Green Room setup, however, they rotated the ball to the sniper tower and made a tremendous comeback. They won the game by a wide margin and the series 3-0.

Carbon now advances to face off against Final Boss, while The Agency falls to the Losers Bracket and will await the results of matches there to discover their next opponents. Championship 4v4 action continues to roll on, so make sure to stick with all day for more updates as the tournament results roll in.


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