Few envisioned a Losers Bracket match between Carbon and 5k to determine a Top 4 finish. But Str8 Rippin’s tear through the Winners Bracket left that longshot a reality at MLG Chicago, as the teams met in Losers Bracket Round 6.

Carbon, always a force, could not easily dispatch a 5k squad who practiced before the event with top-seeded Final Boss and brought their exquisite teamwork out in full force. Game 1 of the series was Sanctuary CTF. Carbon prevailed, but with just a single capture. The 1-0 victory gave them the first lead in the series. That lead quickly melted as 5k raced to a 50-35 win on Warlock Team Slayer. With the win, 5k nodded the match total at one and essentially made the series a best-of-three.

5k usually excel in Oddball games, but during Game 3′s Midship Oddball showed Carbon’s teamwork is nothing to scoff at either. The second-seeded team dominated the map, controlling crucial areas seemingly at will. Their control allowed them a lot of breathing room and they coasted to a 4:18-3:03 win over 5k. Up 2-1, Carbon needed only one more game to move into the Top 4.

Game 4 stayed at Midship but shifted the game type to Neutral Bomb. The first five minutes were all Carbon, as they held the middle ground of the map and constantly put 5k down on their spawns. Four minutes into the game, Carbon capitalized on their control with a successful plant. Carbon could not extend their advantage until another plant, however, as 5k finally stabilized. In fact, eight minutes into the game, 5k found a pocket of potential and scored to even the game 1-1. 5k then pressed for another score, but Gandhi managed to thwart the attempt despite the fact that his three teammates were dead. That play seemed to spur Carbon back to their previous control, as they scored a second time with four minutes left and added the clincher two minutes later. The 3-1 win gave Carbon an identical series win. They advanced to the Losers Bracket Semifinals where they will meet FBI The Agency.


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