Capture the Flag to be removed from the Call of Duty: AW Competitive Playlist

Capture the Flag will soon be removed from the competitive playlist.  As a result, Uplink will be featured as Game 2 in all Best of 3s, a 2nd Hardpoint will be added to all Best of 5s and a 3rd Search and Destroy will be added to future Best of 7s.  In order to account for the increased frequency of Hardpoint and Uplink Game Types, 2 new Hardpoint Maps and 1 new Uplink Map will be added to the competitive playlist from the Havoc, Ascendance, or Supremacy DLC.
  • June 12 - New DLC Game Types Announced
  • June 12 - CTF Removed From Pro Points Tournaments
  • June 29 - New DLC Added to Pro Points Tournaments

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