By Alco

Participation levels in the Call of Duty: Black Ops $25,000 Online Tournament Presented by PlayStation are reaching peak levels as teams put in countless hours in an attempt to secure the best possible seed for the upcoming Playoff Bracket. After two months, and with only four days left of regular season ladder play, a clear preview of the Playoff is emerging. Since our last update near the end of last month, a great deal has changed, and the current Top 10 bears little to no resemblance to that of just two weeks ago. Among the ladder’s top teams, only (1) Motivation, (2) Vicious Intent, and (9) Vendetta have been able to avoid a tumble out of the Top 10. It’s now a battle of wills as teams compete to put in as many hours as possible before ladder play ends.

Though they are favorited, the current Top 10 teams are far from safe in solidifying a top seed heading into the Playoff Bracket. While just several days of ladder play remain, big names like (11) Optic Gaming, (12) Influence, and (15) EnvyUs are lurking just outside the Top 10, and a big last-minute push by any of these teams could launch them well into the top tier. If history is anything to go by, another big changing of the guard among the tournament’s top spots could well occur.

Over 3,500 teams have registered for the $25,000 Online Tournament Ladder presented by PlayStation in the two months since it began. As we head into the Playoff, here are this week’s Top 10:

1. Motivation – 3,000 XP (60-3) – DouggyFresh, Klover, P90, Temptation
2. Vicious Intent – 2,102 XP (46-6) – BrevLite, Twizzlers, Xcurs1on, Platinum
3. Four of a Kind – 2,100 XP (34-5) – Sommer, Luigi, Dudexo, Teztify
4. No Way Out – 1,897 XP (66-26) – Takeover, IE x3, Sl1ckboy, Sonic Boom
5. Honored – 1,885 XP (25-1) – Black, Duhmize, Alpha, Kozmo
6. Below Zero – 1,855 XP (24-1) – Cauzed, Display, Poizonator, Bazerk
7. Zone In – 1,771 XP (49-14) – Serbiano, Psycho, Santo, Velirium
8. Severance – 1,744 XP (26-2) – Juhgamometry, Memoriez, DreamCrazy, Secure
9. Vendetta – 1,740 XP (28-1) – Phizzurp, RJ34, xxTerroristxx, Synical
10. U Can’t C Me – 1,640 XP (35-5) – Shooter, TheBoss, Rub, Jawslugger

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