MLG is celebrating the launch of the year’s biggest title with one of competitive gaming’s largest online tournaments to date. With $25,000 in cash prizes up for grabs, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Online Ladder Presented by PlayStation is without a doubt ground zero for global competitive COD.

From now until January 16, teams will battle it out in open ladder play in an effort to earn the highest seed possible for the Playoff Bracket that’s set to start later that same month. Official MLG Game Types are being used in all tournament play. The stage is set for an absolutely outstanding online competition: a great game, a great ladder, and a great platform.

Since the game’s launch just three weeks ago, thousands of matches have been played by hundreds of teams on the regular GameBattles PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops ladders. This all-new, PS3-exclusive tournament marks the start of yet another exciting year of competitive Call of Duty, so be sure to join MLG and PS3 in the world’s biggest tournament for one of the world’s biggest games. Don’t miss out!

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Here’s the ladder’s Top 10 teams after just ten days of play:

  1. Why Hate – 1,377 XP (21-2) – Fast, iRonic, Preppy, Gozzo
  2. YmoB – 816 XP (15-4) – Balanced, Huztle, Mudvayne, Nidzo
  3. Ate Wun Fizzy – 815 XP (12-5) – Heartogamer, StrawberryCough, Augustine, AmazingFrito
  4. Defiance – 800 XP (9-1) – Clevur, P90, Temption, Pan
  5. TradeMark – 780 XP (7-0) – Illusion, Juhganometry, J Bone, Desperado
  6. Snap Shot – 750 XP (10-2) – RidinDirty, CurryChicken, MorninWood, Chilly
  7. Friendship – 740 XP (8-1) – Heartless, Glimpz, Flavor, Careless
  8. *No Limits* – 720 XP (10-1) – Memoriez, Dreamcrazzy, Bronkets, Amplux
  9. *Negative* – 720 XP (9-1) – Resident Evil, JakeDaKilla, Bleu, BossMan
  10. Third Dimension – 710 XP (8-0) – Sickezt, Terror1zt, Sensation, Duhmension

Check back in soon for more info on the Call of Duty: Black Ops Online Ladder Presented by PlayStation!

*Teams 8 and 9 are tied in XP and, as such, are both in 8th Place *