Bradfox is a member of the 14th ranked Halo 3 team Time 2 Prove. Continuing in our Player Predictions Series, here’s how Bradfox believes the teams will finish at Toronto this weekend.

Bradfox (far right) believes Str8 Rippin will reclaim first place.

1. Str8 Rippin – Right now, I think Str8 is simply the best team out there. After being together for quite a while, the loss of Neighbor was a blow to the chemistry and the skill of the old team, but I think that picking up Snipedown was the best thing for them to do. He definitely has the skill to fill neighbors place, and come tournament time, they will be ready to show that they are still the best team. If a match-up against FB happens somehow in the brackets, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

2. Triggers Down – Hysteria’s sniper. –But really, TD has a great shot at winning as well. Picking up Mackeo was a great transaction and he probably has the most intensity, intelligence, and hunger for the win after failing to take a tournament this season. I think the loss of raw skill in Snipedown will hold them back from taking Toronto over Str8, but will expect an intense championship match between the Top 2 teams.

3. Final Boss– I think Neighbor will be a breath of fresh air to this team. They made a good decision in snatching him off of Str8; they improved their team while punching a hole in Str8’s lineup and chemistry. This team has a history of becoming dominant after switching rosters, and hopefully this trade will have the same effect as past transactions. The Ogres have always been absolutely dominant in every Halo game, and I am honestly surprised to see them place this low for so long. I know they must be ready to jump back into one of the Top 3 spots again.

4. Ambush – The upset kings. TD is next in line to be upset in WBR3. However, Ambush has a very important match WBR2 against Antigravity, which would likely result in securing a 7th seed for them at championships. If ambush takes this round handily, they will have a ton of momentum going into the rest of the event and into their next series against TD. Cloud makes a return to the team, and their experience together can only be for the better. This is one of those teams that flies under the radar and that works to their advantage. Even though this team’s placings have consistently improved every event, I see 4th as a safe and respectable spot for Ambush.

5. Instinct – This mix of players is really solid. Soviet is a great slayer and will pull of some sick stuff. He has been waiting to get on a team that has the potential to win, and now that he has, he won’t hold anything back. He will definitely playing his best to prove he belongs there. As a former teammate, I know if Soviet goes off he can really swing a game for his team. Look for Roy and Lunchbox to be sick and dependable together as always, and Walshy to really show that he means business. After splitting with FB, I am sure he is as motivated as ever to get back up into the top ranks, but because they are such a new squad, I think it will be hard for them to break into the Top 4.

6. Classic – I don’t really know what to say about Classic. I don’t really see them practicing online very much, but LAN’ing pre-event should help them get back on track for Toronto. Acquiring Victory X was a great move for this team, as Victory has consistently placed Top 3 all season long, but without much experience together, I wouldn’t expect them to break back into the Top 5.

7. Carbon – Carbon struggled in Orlando, and I think they will come back stronger in Toronto. This team has the potential to place much higher then seventh, and I know that they definitely will be holding nothing back to try and make sure it happens. Without a pre-event LAN like most other Top 8 teams, I don’t see Toronto being the place that they make it happen.

8. AntiGravity– This team has never failed to place outside of the top 8, even with two last minute pickups in Orlando. I would expect them to come back much stronger with Eli and Gunshot and place 8th once again, and possibly even higher. They have a tough bracket, but even so, they have always found a way to overcome it.

Surprise team – Legendz– If any team is going to break into my Top 8 predictions, it would be Legendz. This is a great team with old friends and good chemistry. It would be a tough road to the Top 8 for these guys, but if anyone else is gonna do it, it would be them.