By David Cabal

The vast majority of gamers, at one time or another, have dreamed of playing on the competitive, pro level.  Call Of Duty: Black Ops players are no exception, and many have made this transition successfully.  Let’s take a look at some quick tips for getting started.

One of the hardest things for any serious gamer to do is change their play style.  Whether you run and gun or take it slow, almost everyone plays a certain way without much deviation.  To become truly competitive, though, each player must develop effective play styles that are complemented by MLG rules.  For example, secondary launchers, equipment, and killstreaks are all banned from MLG Variant games.  A player that relies heavily on claymores and grenade launchers will need to develop new strategies.  Before you even think about looking for a match, familiarize yourself with the rules and then spend some time building appropriate classes.

For players who can't get into MLG custom games, another way to get accustomed to MLG Variant play in Black Ops is through the Barebones game mode. Of course, nothing can replace practice using the actual MLG ruleset, but for the players who don't yet have a full friends list of MLG players, Barebones is a matchmaking playlist that will allow you to work on the basics.  Barebones removes all killstreaks, equipment, perks, and attachments.  Perks and attachments aren’t really game-changers, so this mode allows you to practice in an environment very similar to MLG Variant games while still keeping you on a level playing field with your opponents. 

In conjunction with Barebones play, regular matches are still important because they give you the opportunity to get accustomed to their new class setups.  Lightweight and Marathon, for example, are very popular perks that fall within the MLG Variant rules.  Many players rarely use these specific perks in their normal online play.  Regardless of which perks you choose for your tournament classes, you will need to log some hours in getting accustomed to them.

At the end of the day, though, the best training is experiencing the competition and thrill of an actual MLG match.  GameBattles gives you exactly that, with games occurring around the clock.  Here you can play on a very competitive level with games customized to the exact rules.  Pro tournament play is an intense endeavor;  GameBattles can help you develop the necessary nerves of steel.

The best way to get into competitive Call of Duty is to build a friends list of other players who are enjoy the MLG ruleset. Make use of the MLG and GameBattles forums to track down other like-minded gamers and start playing some custom games.

If you regularly enter the Black Ops multiplayer world with a host of friends at your side, you probably never give a fleeting thought to who you will play with.  Many players, however, don’t seriously consider tournaments because they don’t have a team to enter it with.  For those gamers, once again, GameBattles is the answer.  Individual players can schedule 1v1 matches, while full teams can take part in games featuring as many as 18 players.  You can make a name for yourself and get invited onto established teams, or even start recruiting for a team of your own.  Many teams utilize open enrollment as a way to build their ranks.  With such a wide variety of gaming teams around, anyone can find a group to play with.

Look up and study the MLG rules.  Practice  your new class setups in both regular online play and in GameBattles matches.  Find a team that shares your vision and spend time developing strategies and practicing them together.  With some acquired skills and determination, you will find yourself climbing the pro ladders in no time.


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