By Alco

As predicted in our last update, many of the top Call of Duty teams and players stormed the Call of Duty: Black Ops $25,000 Online Tournament Presented by PlayStation in the final days of Regular Season play. After putting in an average of nearly 20 last-minute matches each, (2) EnvyUs Blue, (8) Optic Gaming, and (9) EnvyUs Black are now among the teams that can pride themselves on being one of the Regular Season’s Top 10 teams. The amount of progress these three teams made in just four days is staggering, and the feat solidifies their reputations as some of Black Ops’ most talented squads.

With open ladder play behind us, the highly anticipated Playoff Bracket is now underway. Only one round of Winners Bracket play has been completed and, as expected, the tournament’s top seeds have easily advanced. The coming weeks will see which of the remaining teams will establish themselves as the game’s top contenders. As we’ve seen, many of the top names from Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 have been extremely successful in Black Ops so far, and there’s no indication that they’ll be letting up any time soon.

Here are the final Top 10 standings for the Regular Season:

1. Motivation – 2,870 XP (60-4) – DouggyFresh, Klover, P90, Temptation
2. EnvyUs Blue – 2,764 XP (37-2) – Stainville, Scump, Dizz, Twizz
3. Vicious Intent – 2,692 XP (62-7) – BrevLite, Twizzlers, Xcurs1on, Platinum
4. Four of a Kind – 2,440 XP (47-7) – Sommer, Luigi, Dudexo, Teztify
5. Mayhem – 2,272 XP (38-6) – Recognize, Regulate, Vermm, Fusion
6. Eratic – 2,231 XP (60-14) – Serbiano, Psycho, Santo, Velirium
7. Satisfaction – 2,200 XP (35-2) – TacticalAgent, Paradise, Jester, Matadorz
8. Optic Gaming – 2,180 XP (35-3) – BigTymer, Rambo, Proofy, Merk
9. EnvyUs Black – 2,025 XP (29-2) – Foreplay, Sharp, Mainstream, Motivation
10. Below Zero – 1,965 XP (30-3) – Cauzed, Display, Poizonator, Bazerk

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